Diablo 3 Countdown timer for Logitech G19 and G15 Keyboards

This may be a rather niche audience, but it might be of benefit to someone!

Countdown desktop screen shotIf you are a huge Diablo 3 fan, and have a Logitech G19 Keyboard (with the color LCD panel), you may like this applet.

I just created this to pass the time while waiting for the release. It’s an applet for the G19 that displays a countdown timer with the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Diablo 3’s release on May 15th.

Diablo 3 Countdown applet in action Interested? Direct download from here:

Download Diablo 3 Countdown timer for G19

Enjoy! If you have any feedback leave a comment below.

– ParadiceNZ

UPDATE: by popular demand, I have developed a version for the G15 and other monochrome LCD Logitech devices. It’s not as pretty, but it gets the job done, and still shows days/hours/minutes (with a little progress bar indicating seconds).

Download Diablo 3 Countdown timer for G15 G15 Screenshot


10 responses to “Diablo 3 Countdown timer for Logitech G19 and G15 Keyboards

  1. OK Guys, I will see if I can get to work on a G15 version… it might not be pretty (coz I’m not sure how I can test it), but I’ll see what I can do.

  2. Thx for the App! Will u try to develop some usefull G19 apps (like inventory, current stats, …) for Diablo 3 when it actually launches (and it is possible to do so)?

  3. I am impressed that you created this. I too am looking to make an applet or edit an existing applet for the G15. Where could I go to get started on editing the data displayed by the World of Warcraft applet, creating my own? I’ve already tried the Logitech forums and have a question posted to an enthusiast wow addon site.

    Getting the G15 to display data from Diablo 3 is another potential project I’d like to work on.

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