Battlestations Week Day 2 – Inux

Editor’s Note: First of all sorry for the bad quality images, winter is coming to my Greenland and it’s dark most of the day; resulting in high-ISO images with lots of noise 😦


Quite a few of us at DontCritMe are very fond of Cooler Master Storm keyboards, we’ve even given away a piece with Cherry MX Red switches!

The last time we had Battlestations week, I was living in Denmark studying webintegration, times have changed and I’m currently on the ground course for IT Support in the frozen wastes of Greenland. I still have my rig in Denmark except that I’ve salvaged my GTX 670 so I can have 2 running while I’m in Greenland.

921513_1374918906064058_942754931_oThe system specs are as follows:

CPU: i5-4570K w/ NH-D14 CPU cooler (The picture shows a NH-U14, but I’ve recently swapped it out for the bigger version)
Motherboard: Gigabyte-Z87-OC
Gigabyte WindForce GTX 670 & ASUS DCUII GTX 670
RAM: 4x8GB 1600MHz Corsair RAM
Sound Card: ASUS Xonar Essence STX
Storage: 256GB Crucial M4 SSD & 128GB Kingston SSD, along with 1x 4TB external harddrive
Case fans: 5x Noctua A14

I know the fans look bland, but I picked them because I prefer silence over anything else. I sleep same room where my computer are and Noctua is well-known for their silence. I’ve also removed the harddrive cage ever since, but because it’s dark most of the day during the winter I haven’t been able to take a decent shot.

DSC00922Laptop & Peripherals

My laptop is the same old Clevo P150-EM as last time:

CPU: i7-3610QM
SSD: Samsung 830 256GB

Onto the peripherals!

Mice: Gigabyte M6900 x2
Mousepads: Mionix Sargas 900 & WotLK Collector’s edition mousepad
Keyboards: QPAD MK-85 w/ Cherry MX Blue, CM Storm Quickfire w/ Cherry MX Red
Headphones: AKG 701 & California Headphones Silverado


Achieva Shimian 2560×1440
Samsung S22B 1920×1080
Xerox XM7 1680×1050
ASUS MW221 1680×1050 x2

Postcards from our Australian writer, Tangerine!

Postcards from our Australian writer, Tangerine!

Plans for the future

I’m still searching for an internship spot in IT-Support, so my future is either finally getting an internship in IT Support or moving to Denmark to study coding college. If I do find an internship here in Greenland then I’ll be assembling a new desk, getting 2 more Achieva Shimian monitors and moving to a bigger place.

Remember to send us pictures of YOUR battlestation to our tyrannical overlord Nemesis, and you might win some interesting stuff as well as have your setup featured!

Send us your battlestation setup to:

One response to “Battlestations Week Day 2 – Inux

  1. Mmmm, those CM Storm keyboards. I picked up the QuickFire Pro (brown) and absolutely love it.

    Nice looking build. Regarding the fans, Noctua do make fantastic quiet fans. If you do ever get sick of the bland look of them though, take a look at the Cougar 120mm and 140mm orange fans with PWM. I put 3 of them in my build last April and am really happy with them. You could not hear them at all while idling. Under load they were only audible to about 1-2 feet away.
    They are also available in black and without PWM (if you’d prefer that for some reason). They very recently started making some with LEDs as well in Green, Orange, or Blue (though I’ve not tested those LED models since I don’t like LED fans).

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