2013 Steam Summer Sale – DCM Picks

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

Typically, the average person would hear these words and immediately think of snowy weather, decorated trees, strings of tiny lights and gratuitous overspending at the local mall. But as PC gamers, the most wonderful time of the year usually falls during the Summer months… and although it still entails gratuitous spending, it certainly doesn’t take place at the mall.

That’s right, it’s the Steam Summer Sale. Gabe Newell has replaced Santa Claus, there are no tiny elves (that we know of), and we fill our Steam inventory with ridiculously underpriced games rather than filling others’ stockings with ridiculously overpriced toys.

But alas… The Summer Sale has come and gone already, and it won’t be back around for 12 months. However, we here at DCM have had a chance to play with some of our newly purchased toys, and would love to tell you about some of our favorites. With any luck, maybe one of these recommendations will provide you with some much-needed distraction to pass the time while awaiting the Winter Sale!


Summer Sale Picks – Nemesis
Hotline Miami – 
“I admit, I’m a little behind the bandwagon when it comes to this game. I had given it away a few times but never bought a copy for myself until now. Combining an awesome soundtrack along with a gruesome 8-bit blood fest, what’s not to love?”

Sniper Elite- Nazi Zombies –
“I loved the previous Sniper Elite titles. This not only continues what most of us loved about the previous titles in the franchise and adds a shallow but absolutely fun as hell campaign to get through. I never got tired of slow motion x-ray head-shots, especially when it came to sniping Hitler’s nutsack, and this new standalone campaign surely will keep me entertained for a while.”

Hitman Absolution –
“Honestly, I’ve never played any of the previous Hitman titles. While this one did not receive a lot of high praise from it’s die hard fan base, I can honestly say I’m really enjoying it so far. The controls are good, the graphics are exceptional, and the missions involve a sort of Dishonored multiple approach to each one.”


Summer Sale Picks – Tangerine
“So, for my steam sale experience, after managing to sell off some of my beloved real world things for monies, I didn’t go too crazy, or else my hard drives would have started to yell at me.

My three favorite buys were Hitman: Absolution, Worms Revolution, and Bully: The Scholarship edition. These were mainly because they were games I was looking to buy before hand, and I am enjoying them thoroughly. While Hitman does absorb a lot of my time, Worms Revolution is good for a quick round between lectures.

I did also grab some other games. I had to buy Saints Row 2, so I could have 2, 3 and 4, along with Age of Empires 2, HD and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, although they don’t really warrant too much of a mention because I’ve already played the fuck out of them before on my older computers.

So yes, the Steam sale was amazing. I should have enough of my time packed up until the next Steam sale… I really am kidding myself there.”


Summer Sale Picks – Inux
“I do have to admit, my first 10 or so space ships were catastrophic failures. I’ve had a lot of fun tinkering on Kerbal Space Program, spending time fine-tuning your ship construction only to see it explode on launch, or crash into the ocean can either be frustrating or hilarious. I still haven’t made it to orbiting around the earth.

I’ve spent a good 5 hours on KSP. If you’re into slow-paced space simulator-ish games, then you should definitely look out for this game. Do bear in mind the game is still in development and you might encounter issues.”


Summer Sale Picks – Brandon
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon –
“Why, oh why, oh WHY did I wait so long to pick up this game? Even though first person shooters are far from my favorite genre, I couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough of Blood Dragon. The protagonist’s dialogue is cheesy, the cutscenes are hilariously cliché, and the plot is completely predictable – And I loved every minute of it, just like a 1980’s action flick. If I had to describe Blood Dragon in one short sentence… It’s a rad tip of the hat to the 80’s, filled to the brim with synth music, lasers, dinosaurs, cyborgs and miniguns. If that doesn’t sell the game, I don’t know what will.”

Kinetic Void –
“Time flies when you’re building space ships. Seriously, Kinetic Void rivals most MMOs that I’ve played when it comes to the “Losing track of time” department. You can literally build anything your heart desires; from a light fighter to a massive intergalactic cruiser. Picture yourself with a giant Lego kit… but instead of Legos, you’re tinkering with massive 10,000-ton space ship components. It’s also worth mentioning that Kinetic Void is an early access game, and is therefore still in development… so there’s not much to do once you’ve built your ship and venture out into open space. But, hey, that’s okay because the real star here is the shipbuilding in and of itself.”

Lunar Flight –
“Like one of my other buys, Kinetic Void, I’ve been unexpectedly sucked into the simple, yet well-executed awesomeness of another indie game: Lunar Flight. The premise is pretty straightforward, really: You, the player, pilot a lunar lander across parts of the moon (or mars) performing tasks like recovering lost containers, gathering data from soil samples and transporting cargo from point to point. As I’m typing all of this, I realize it sounds extremely boring… which it probably is, if space or simulators don’t interest you at all. However, if they do, pick this one up. PS – Keep your eyes on the controls so you don’t crash, but if you get a chance, check out the scenery — It’s beautiful.”


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