Pro of the Month: Ricky Ortiz

Out of all the writers here at I can hands down say I’m one of the most enthusiastic about e-sports. In fact I’m currently the head caster for S2’s new moba Strife (shameless plug I know). So I’ve decided write up an article (hopefully once a month) about a specific pro player, to get you guys introduced into the scene. Included will be some of their awesome plays, and some cool little facts about the player and their respective games.

So, without further ado I bring you,’s Pro of the month!

This month we’re going into one of the oldest E-sports scenes, the Fighting Game Community(FGC). This month’s player is from Team Evil Geniuses, Ricky Ortiz!

Ricky Ortiz

Ricky Ortiz hails from San Francisco, California representing North California or “Nor Cal” (locations of where you play are huge in the FGC). While Ricky’s main game of choice is, “Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition”, he has been known to play other fighting games such as, “Street Fighter X Tekken”,  “Injustice: Gods Among Us” and even a little bit of “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3”.  As of late Ricky has been hoping to get back to his roots where he started with “Tekken Tag Tournament 2”. Ricky himself has a plethora of wins and accomplishments in the fighting game community, from winning Nor Cal Regionals 2012, and 2nd in this year’s Winter Brawl 8 for “Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition”.

Why I love watching Ricky Ortiz:

Ricky is known for his dedication to the character Rufus in, “Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition”. He believes in character specialization, choosing one or two characters and attempting to bring out the character’s full potential. It’s a risky strategy due to the fact that it doesn’t allow you to counter pick against other characters, but I fully respect anyone who does not simply go with the current metagame.

Rufus from Super Street Fighter 4

As for Ricky’s play style he prefers to read his opponent’s moves and strategy, figuring out how to nullify it, and then proceeded to be incredibly aggressive against his opponents. If you know anything about fighting games, split millisecond decisions can be the difference between winning and losing. *coughDaigovsJustinWongcough*

One of my favorite things about Ricky Ortiz is the fact that he’s one of the few openly gay gamers in E-sports at the moment.While he has been criticized in the past for the way he dresses, Ricky has not let it inhibit his performance at tournaments. In fact his deeds have helped many players start attending FGC tournaments and making them a safe place for other gamers in the LGBT community.

Ricky Ortiz’s game play:

So there you have it! Ricky Ortiz the first pro player in our new series here at! If you have a specific player or specific game you’d like to see an article on leave it in comments here or on facebook!

Follow Ricky Ortiz on twitter at: @HelloKittyRicky


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