Blizzcon 2013 Day 2 Wrap-up!

As of the time of this writing, Blizzcon 2013 is coming to an end. It’s been a blast spending my weekend with something like this, I honestly expected less information than what got released today!

Warcraft Movie

Blizzcon 2013 Warcraft movieNew information about the Warcraft movie who’s been in the works got released today, along with some concept art previews.


  • Serveral people who are working for the movie production actively plays Blizzard games.
  • There’s no marketing yet, so there’s little to reveal as of this moment.
  • The script got tweaked/changed, since it was too Alliance centric.
  • The plot is Orcs vs Humans, Lothar and Durotan. Both factions wants to do the right thing for their people.
  • The games weren’t the best way to tell this story originally, so the movie will be a great opportunity to tell the story in an even more epic way.
  • Eastern Kingdoms will be where the majority of the movie will happen.

Sources & more information will be available at the end of this article.

WoW: Warlords of Draenor


Tons of content information for World of Warcraft got released today, raids, garrisons & PVP to name a few.



  • The new Normal will be as easy..*cough* difficult as Flex is today.
  • The new Heroic will be as difficult as Normal is today.
  • The new Mythic will be as difficult as Heroic is today.
  • All levels of difficulty with the exception of Mythic will be cross-server on release.
  • Raiding in Mythic difficulty will reward you with Mythic-level trash loot.
  • Loot will scale based on the number of players, rather than X amount of drops in 10/25 man modes.
  • Having BiS items in its current state seems obligatory, the devs aim to change that by “letting you go after a better version of the loot when things are on farm”.

General & Quests

  • There will be few or no daily quests at level 100!
  • There will be more max level content than ever before.
  • The Horde will have a chance of redeeming themselves after the events of Mists of Pandaria
  • Worgen & Goblin racials will be tweaked to get on-level with the rest of the races in terms of usefulness.
  • There will be less quests preventing you from entering the next quest hub.
  • Treasures are back, and all have a little story with them.
  • Quest UI has been updated in order to merge with the map.
  • The map will show you where you left off major storyline quests. (YES!)
  • Even though the Titans visited Draenor, there will only be a small amount of content regarding the Titans in this expansion.
  • There will be more dynamic world events and less generic content.
  • No servers for old expansions.


  • When you start on your garrison, you will get a few buildings to start you off.
  • The Town Hall will be your main point of interaction and will be automatically placed.
  • There will be profession buildings
  • Garrisons are unique to your character.
  • If you’ve ever played Warcraft 3, you will be pleased to hear that specific buildings have specific purposes. For example, a barracks let you have more followers.
  • Buildings start out small, and upgrade over time.
  • Specializations will allow you to customize a max level building. They can be changed once a day at a cost, you will be able to pick from one of three specializations.
  • Managing followers will be an important part in your garrison.
  • You will be able to send your followers out on quests, dungeons & raids.
  • As of now, you can invite 40 players in your garrison.

Leveling & Items

  • Warlords of Draenor will try to make the leveling from 91-100 more exciting, as leveling has gone more & more generic with every expansion.
  • Acquiring new items should be more exciting, right now it feels like a grind.
  • Dodge, Parry, Hit, Expertise, Reforging is all gone.
  • There will be only one gem slot per item, gems will be more powerful. No socket bonuses & meta gems are removed.
  • Armor will become a primary tanking stat again, same goes for Spirit with healers.
  • Tetiary stats such as lifesteal, avoidance, movement speed will appear on gear without impacting the item level.
  • All items will be squished, the big leaps with every expansion will be squished down to The Burning Crusade levels.
  • While items and stats have been squished, you will still kill monsters at the same speeds, you will still be able to solo content.



Artosis won the HS Inkeeper’s Invitational! Congratulations!

Here’s a bracket of the tournament results & players.





Heroes of the Storm


The first full-length HotS matches got played live today by the developers, showing off a couple of different maps. It’s also worth noting that you can already sign up for the HotS beta!


  • Heavily focused around teamwork.
  • The teams will be working together towards a goal, whether it be gathering coins for a pirate to make him aid you by bombarding your enemies or collecting skulls from an underground mine to unleash a very tanky siege golem, ultimately it will end up you killing the enemy team’s Nexus or them killing yours.
  • Heroes will be able to mount up outside of combat.
  • There’s no shop, no gold, no boots.
  • Towers have ammunition, so they can’t continuously shoot enemy soldiers when they get sieged.
  • The devs aim to have the matches last 15-20 minutes.
  • There will be skins, lots of customization both aesthetics & gameplay wise.
  • Maps will be retiring from the ladder as they get boring, to keep the experience fresh.
  • You won’t have individual levels, only team levels. This is implemented to make support/specialist classes more intriguing rather than the same old support slowly trying to catch up to his teammates.
  • There will be Assasin, Warrior, Support & Specialist type classes, as an example, Abathur is a specialist hero who can’t attack but can heavily boost allied creeps and make heavy crowd control.
  • Haunted Mines: You have to slay skeletons in an underground mine and collect their skulls, the more skulls you have the bigger your Grave Golems are. This is a PvPvE map, as you have to kill both Neutral creeps & bosses aswell as the enemy team.
  • Blackheart Bay: There’s various sources of treasures throughout the battleground, you need to collect doubloons and hand them over to Pirate Blackheart, once he recieves enough he will aid you in sieging the enemy bases for a short amount of time.
  • Dragonshire: You have to capture 2 obelisks, once they are captured you control an altar. Your heroes transform into the dragon knight and annihilate everyone. (I missed this map of the livestream, so this is a copy/paste from the guys at


sOs won the World Championship Series 2013, going 4:1 versus Jaedong “The Dong”. Congratulations to him!

Below is a bracket & prize pool table, all credits goes to



World of Warcraft:

Heroes of the Storm:


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