Battlestations Week Day 3 – Dave


I am so bored, I don’t have anything to play.

I was very excited when I was told we were sharing our battlestations with the world. I’ve been an avid collector of games for most of my life, and have amassed what my girlfriend calls “a bunch of shit.” I am very happy to show my shit to you. Not literally, though. Just my video games and all of the space it takes up in our apartment.


Intel dual core, 9800 GTX x2, 8gb ram. 2009 BIG BALLIN’

We’ll start with the PC, since it’s pretty simple. I have a PC I built nearly 4 years ago and it is still quite functional. It has some Intel dual core pentium, clocking in at 2.4 ghz. Blazin’ speed, lemme tell ya. It’s got 8gb ram, 2 9800 GTX’s, all sticking out of some expensive mother board I decided to buy at the time (It’s an XFX board). It’s all crammed into the biggest case I could find.


The beastly tower, which is ridiculously huge and unwieldy. I love it.

Like I said, 4 years later and it still works just fine. However, Battlefield 3 pushes it to it’s limits so a new build is scheduled for next month! As far as peripherals go, I have a Saitek Eclipse 2 and a Corsair M65 I won in a raffle at a LAN party. The M65 is a really nice mouse, I highly recommend it.


This is my other battlestation, one that has been in the works since I was a teenager (I am now almost 30). The TV is a 42″ Samsung DLP, the model number is way too long to remember so you’ll have to use your imagination. It is 720p, because I bought the TV 7 or 8 years ago and 1080p was still ridiculously expensive. Connected to the TV is a Sega Genesis/CD/32x, Gamecube, Sega Saturn (US and Japanese version), Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Atari Jaguar, NES (top-loader), SNES, Playstation 2, 3DO, Playstation 3 and an X-Box 360. I also have a boxed Model I Genesis, a Virtual Boy and a boxed, Japanese Playstation. Almost all of the games I own are on the shelves, which is somewhere around 550-600 games.


I am really proud of this one, I got it for $7 at the flea market. Score!

I don’t have a large quantity of rare, or exceedingly expensive games, however. Some of the ones I do own go for nearly $100, but I don’t collect for their value alone. I start collecting when I got my first job in high school and was able to finally purchase the games I saw in the Game Player or GamePRO magazines (or Tips and Tricks, GAMEFAN, EGM, etc). I usually tend to purchase games I want or have wanted in the past, otherwise it’d just be to collect to completion and that is quite expensive. Although, I am currently thinking about trying to get a complete Dreamcast collection.


The DS/3DS is my favorite console of the generation, hands down.

I also have quite a few handhelds, spanning the generations. These are all the ones I currently have; Neo Geo Pocket Color, Sega Nomad, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP Big Boss Edition, Legend of Zelda 3DS, GamePark GP2x, Nintendo DS XL and a Game Gear. I’ve had a few GameBoys before, but I have no idea what happened to them. Also, my very awesome Gameboy Advance SP got stolen out of my car several years ago. Very sad day.


Very, very nice.

I just wanted to put a picture of the 3DS up, so you get this paragraph, too. Deal with it.


Choose your destiny.

I grew up in the arcades. For whatever reason, my family ended up at the mall quite frequently, so I got to spend lots of time playing arcade games at Tilt. We also had season passes to Six Flags, and my friend Harry and I would spend most of the day in the arcades. Not only did they have great stuff like Mortal Kombat 3 and Super Street Fighter II, but it was air conditioned and it’s hot as shit in GA. So it’s no surprise that I have a few arcade sticks. These actually aren’t all of them, either. My favorite one is the Dreamcast stick, which is still the champ to this day. Mad Catz can go suck an egg, Agetec was doing it better 13 years ago.


Four bright buttons and two joysticks.

That sorta leads me to this ol’ dusty thing I bought when I was in college. That’s right, it’s a NEO GEO MVS. Unfortunately, I don’t have room in my apartment for this monolithic shrine to all that is great and good in the world. Right now it’s sitting in my father’s basement, waiting for me to buy a house for the sole purpose of housing this thing and playing it. I may just sell all my games and play Metal Slug X non-stop for the rest of my life.


When I don’t want to slay noobs, I paint plastic people.

This isn’t video game related, but it is right next to my computer. Warhammer 40k is pretty tight.


One response to “Battlestations Week Day 3 – Dave

  1. That’s a very fantastic collection Dave. Never post where you live as I’ll be very tempted to come steal that NES-101 and possibly your copy of Lunar SSC on the top right of the entertainment center.

    Thanks very much for sharing. Hooray for nostalgia!

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