Editor’s Choice: Game of the Year 2013 – Day 3 (Nigel)

My game of the year is Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS.

I have to do more? Bu-ugh. Fine.


Now if you’re a 3DS owner and don’t own this game, you need to buy it as soon as possible. The game follows your average crazy ridiculous JRPG story line, which in my opinion is the worst part of the game, but is more than tolerable, or enjoyable if you like those kinds of stories.   The game follows the usual Fire Emblem strategy sword beats axe, axe beats spear, spear beats sword, until you’re level 35 and don’t care anymore. Save the world from unspeakable evil, while having memorable units, and of course chucking your DS because someone got crit.

There are a few things have changed from the previous Fire Emblems on the Gamecube and Wii, such as the laguz race re-appearing as the Manatke from previous games and the Talgul. Another major change about the game are how you level. Before you had a set number of levels a character could have. Now we can reset a character once they’ve reached a certain point and train them in new ways. Like making your dancer into a sword master, or giving your general the ability to move faster. The classes tend to keep their stats as they are re-trained so it’s encouraged to mix and match skills.


What I really enjoyed about this game is the challenge it gives you throughout the entire game. Usually at some point and time you’ll become too powerful for any sort of challenge in strategy RPGs, but Awakening keeps you on your toes with all of its DLC content that I’m still trying to finish. Not only are these extra missions difficult, so are the players you pass. That’s right you can take on other peoples teams in game, and I have had the misfortune of coming across some monstrous players who make the final boss look like a joke. Let’s not forget the character creation, the DLC characters from previous games and crafting. The list just goes on and on.

So there it is. My game of the year goes to Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS. It lives true to the series, while making it a great addition and very welcoming to new comers. Hmm I wonder how many more games the 3DS will take from our writing staff…



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