Meet the Columnists

The DontCritMe Crew

We are a small group of gamers from around the world.

We are not out to give information based on who pays us (in fact, we don’t get paid to do this.).

We enjoy anything and all things gaming related.

We always value our readers opinions if they are brought up in a constructive or sensible way.  Our editors would never attack you for your opinion so please show us the same respect!

We blog and write for fun, and volunteer our own personal time, after all, what is the point of doing it if we aren’t enjoying it?

If you have any questions or comments you can always contact us at

Brandon– I play games primarily on PC, but also on console (usually PS3).  I’m a full time Artist/Animator and graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 09.  Like most of you, my interest in gaming started when I was a youngster, sparked by a love for my faithful NES.  I’m mainly interested in open-ended RPGs (huge fan of  The Elder Scrolls), racing games, and the occasional shooter.  Favorite games in no particular order:  Super Metroid, LOZ: A Link to the Past, TES III: Morrowind, Demon’s Souls & Dark Souls, and Shaodw of the Colossus.

Andrea– I’ve been a gamer since 1995 when I stole my older sister’s Gameboy to play Super Mariod Land, but when I picked up Final Fantasy VI a few years later I was sold on video games for life.  Now, I’m slowly working my way backwards through consoles, trying out games I missed, and continually searching for a good console JRPG that’s come out in the past five years. I’m 21, from Boston, and my love of all things cosplay has led me to pursue  a degree in fashion design.  Favorite games include FFVI, FFIV, Dr.Mario, TES IV: Oblivion, and Katamari Damacy.

Nemesis–  I’ve been an avid gamer since 1988 when I first recieved an NES System while living in Seoul Korea.  Ever since then, I have always been into a variety of gaming titles that have been released throughout the years.  I’m 29, currently from the Atlanta area and enjoy all things from video games, photography, and motor-sport racing.  Through many years of getting attached to hobbies and moving on to other things, gaming has always stuck with me.  I am primarily a PC gamer, and many would even venture to call me an Elitist but Im really not!  I’m a sucker for amazing graphics, sound , and overall visual presentation.  Yes, gameplay is equally as important, but I want all of it!  My personal favorite games of all time are the Battlefield Series, World of Warfcraft (since BC), and Diablo.  But like Lawrence, Ill play almost anything.

 Blade–  I’ve been playing games since as long as I can remember. My games of choice are typically MMORPGs (I’ve been playing them for over half of my life now) however every genre has some sort of appeal to me.  My hobbies include cooking, listening to music, digital games, as well as non-digital (Big on Dungeons and Dragons as well as Magic the Gathering).  As of April I graduated from the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona with a B.A of Art for Game Design. My specific focuses are systems and narrative design.


Anne- I enjoy gaming in between having to study Pharmacy and having to participate in… well… life. Australia is the country in which I reside, and from this great desert land, I want to enthrall you with my tales of gaming *ahem* excellence.
I enjoy fine wine (‘fine’ meaning more than $3 a bottle), Cuban cigars, wasting my time on the internet and, well, gaming. Everything from my old, beat up 64 (my first console, being the young-ing I am) to my Wii, PS3 and computer. They all have their own distinct qualities. As for games, I enjoy something that immerses me, and gives me the will/anger to finish the game.
Herlew! I’m Inux!
I’ve been a gamer since I was a 5 year old little kid, playing pacman on my dad’s computer while he was playing Bon Jovi from our ancient Sony audio system. Infact my dad still plays Battlefield 1942 almost everyday on his C2D system, I come from the cold, cold country of Greenland.
The first game I paid with my own money was Red Alert II when I was 6 years old, since then it’s evolved into 490+ Steam games. I’m currently studying webdesign in Denmark & spend most of my freetime playing RTS games, attending LAN events & barcrafts.

My favorite games of all time are: Red Alert 2, C&C Generals, Starcraft 2, Binding of Isaac & Battlefield 2.

 Dave – I have been playing games since the late 80’s. I started my game adventures on an old Radio Shack 80/86, moving my way up to an NES as a wee lad. In high school I got bit by the collecting bug and have been at it ever since. My current collection spans 20 consoles, and 500+ games. I hold Doom to be my favorite game of all time, but Resident Evil 2 is a very close 2nd. I spend most of my time these days playing WoW off and on, and I am currently addicted to Borderlands 2. I work as a Graphic Designer and Web Guy for a design agency in Atlanta, GA.

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