VIDEO: Nemesis Colonel 100!

Hey everyone, starting up a new video series where Ill either show a montage, provide tips, or generally talk about things in the Battlefield community or gaming in general.  But most recently,  I hit a milestone for myself and reached Colonel 100.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!  To enter for the giveaway ( Torchlight 2 or Far Cry 3) all you need to do is

1.  Drop a comment below with what you liked in the video and a topic like to see in a future video.

2. A way for me to contact you – email or let us know on the Facebook post your name on here.

3. Which game you’d like!


7 responses to “VIDEO: Nemesis Colonel 100!

  1. – The music (except Miley LOL) and video quality is really good^^
    – If you would like to contact me – ^^
    – Maybe Far Cry 3?

    – Also subbed your YT ACC, so I hope there will be more videos like that^^

  2. nice video, I think it was a fun idea for a montage 😀 , it would be fun to know what the admins are currently playing (I don’t know if video is the best way to do it, but anyway I think it would be fun), i would like Far Cry 3.

    • Oh, and i almost forgot: please talk about the Zelda games or Sonic and iconic games/mascot of old and new school 🙂
      It’s always good to ear about them 🙂

  3. Video is nice, I’m more of a funny moments guys but you play very good and I enjoyed most of the time. The slow-mos felt a little bit dull. And music were good, they fit the scene they’re on.

    I’d like to see some Hearthstone action from you. I’m into RPGs, hero brawlers and strategy games so if you cover those places I’d definitely be pleased to watch your videos.

    My e-mail adress is . I can’t say no to Torchlight 2, especially while I’m waiting for RoS

  4. The music selection was good (even the Miley bit was humorously well timed). Hitting 100 is a pretty good achievement so it definitely makes the video more interesting too. Make a DiveKick video (come on…you know you want to).
    Far Cry 3 if I win

    Thanks very much for the chance and whip the other contributors into shape N. Get them posting again 🙂

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