Battlestations Week Day 1 – Brandon


So here we are; one full year and a couple thousand fans after our first “Battlestations Week” at DCM. In that amount of time, a lot can change. That’s enough time to write a novel, grow a pretty nice beard (genes permitting), or even develop 1/10th of Diablo 3.

A year is also a long time when it comes to your gaming setup. If you were here for my first Battlestations Week article, there’s a pretty good chance the computer you were reading it on has gone through a few alterations. Be it video cards, processors, peripherals; technology moves swiftly… and that means cheaper goodies for all of us.

I’ve switched around components on my PC here and there, but one major change is that it’s sitting at a completely different street address this year. I’ve got quite a bit more room now that I moved into my own apartment.

Here are the current specs of my rig:

Corsair C70 Mid Tower – Military Green

AMD 1100T (OC’d @ 4.2 Ghz)

NZXT Havik 140 CPU cooler




Future plans include a new SSD, motherboard and most likely a switch to Intel.

My monitor has been the same for a while now; an Acer 23″ LED, which should be hitting the road soon in favor some something bigger and better.
Other peripherals:

Corsair M65 Mouse – Military Green

Corsair Vengeance 1500 7.1 Headset

Corsair K60 Mech.Keyboard (Cherry MX Red switches)



Onto my console area… The one change coming to this area in the near future will be the addition of a Playstation 4 on November 15th. Looks like I need to make a little room for it.


Thanks for checking out my battlestation!
Don’t forget to send in pictures of YOUR battlestation to for a chance to win a little something and, more importantly, have us feature your setup!


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