3DS Case Review: You don’t always get what you pay for…

Sometimes you get more than you expected, were my thoughts as I unboxed a $4.32 case from Amazon for my 3DS XL.  I never heard of the company nor did I bother to really do much research on them.  I read a few of the existing product reviews, but typically online submitted reviews have been hit or miss for me as of late.

How everything looked unboxed from package (Black 3DS Case to the left I already had)


Screen Protector cut especially for the XL.  Not a generic sheet you cut yourself (which is what I was expecting)


Now unwrapping the protected clear plastic case.  To prevent the clear case from scratching this film is firmly adhered to the case itself!


Bottom half of the case installed…. nice and snug.  Not loose at all and clipped into place.


Existing sliders and SD card door still easily accessible.


Top half of the case installed, minus the screen protection.  Notice again, sliders aren’t obstructed in any way.  Considering how cheap it is, the makers of this case thought about a lot of things.



And finally with the screen protector installed!  Perfect fit, and the top screen loses no glossy or image quality!


So if you’re interested in buying it here is the link!  This was quite an unexpected review because I really wasnt expecting much from this product, but was impressed enough to share to you all!



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