Ducktales Remastered: The Review

ducktales steam

When I first heard about Ducktales Remastered serveral months ago, I was sad to hear that it was only getting released on the major consoles with no sight of a PC port. It was only a few months before the game’s release Capcom confirmed a PC port, and I was needless to say a little worried about the quality of the port.

At a $15 asking price, in line with indie games such as Bastion, there’s little to complain about the quality of the port. It’s far from perfect, I had to dig into the configuration files because the game was automatically set to launch on the first monitor, and not on the primary monitor.

It was slightly annoying to say the least, but they did a good job with the port regardless. The game is locked to 60FPS but I haven’t gotten any FPS drops in either my gaming desktop or my laptop for school with integrated graphics.

DCM duck

DuckTales was originally released on the NES & Gameboy back in the 90’s, hence the remastered title. I’ve never played the original version so I can’t come with a comparison between the two games.


The platforming design is very similar to the original from what I’ve read, and I love the fact that WayForward catered to both casual & hardcore people.

If you play on easy mode, the game gives you infinite extra lives and frequent auto-saves. When you play on hard mode you will be given 2 extra lives, if you lose those lives you will have to start from the beginning.


The levels in Ducktales Remastered is very diversified, one moment you’re in Transylvania, exploring a haunted house with secret passages and whatnot, the next moment you’re in the moon searching for anti-aging green cheese. The game completely immerses you into its world, there’s a lot of cutscenes in the start & end of each level, and you feel like you’re on a huge never-ending adventure just like in the Donald Duck comics!

The platforming is decent to say the least. It falls a little short when you realize you can spam your pogo stick attack on enemies with very little risk, but it makes up for it by having a completely new set of enemies in each level.

It takes 4-5 hours to get through Ducktales: Remastered on normal difficulty, which is on the borderline for a $15 game.

2013-08-17_00002 Knowing WayForward, they always add a little extra something to their remakes. They usually do a fantastic job adding extra content, this is one of them. You can unlock behind-the-scenes sketches, art, and much more. Being able to swim in your money was a nice addition, kudos to that.

Ducktales PC


Ducktales Remastered is very polished, and WayForward did a very good job of staying true to the original game. The game mechanics are decent but could have been better, the game does a good job of immersing you into the universe.

If you’re like me who enjoyed reading Donald Duck comics as a child, and watched the TV show, then I can highly recommend Ducktales Remastered. If you didn’t have a childhood with Ducktales then it’s hard to suggest you to buy the game unless it’s on a Steam sale.


Immersing story
Extra content added by the developer
Very diverse set of levels and enemies


Game mechanics fall short
Little replayability, as opposed to other $15 platformers like Spelunky
Takes only 4-5 hours to complete,
PC Port is mediocre

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