Why you should be excited for X & Y


“Dude I’m a beast at pokemon!” My ears perked up and my focus shifted away from my magic cards. My brother and his roommate were discussing one of my favorite franchises.

“I could crush you no problem!” He continued. My brother had a prideful grin on his face.

“You may want to reconsider that statement.” I warned.

“Whatever I can take him! I’ll knock your brother back to 1998!” I turned away. I knew it would be an absolute blood bath.

Welcome back! We have less than 48 hours until Pokemon X & Y hit the shelves worldwide. Needless to say we here at dotcritme.com are a little bit excited. I know I personally will be camped outside of gamestop for the midnight launch. But what makes pokemon so captivating? What makes a 20 something like myself want to stand out in the cold at midnight for a game most people considered to be aimed towards children?

Well to start it’s one of the most well made turn based RPGs to date. I know you’ve got that, “what-you-talkin-bout-nigel” face on right now. Pokemon is a brilliant game when it comes to mechanics, and is probably one of the best franchises made in the last two decades. As an RPG it allows for a party of six, that you personally choose. With a roster of over 700 different pokemon to choose from, more than 600 different attacks, over 200 items to equip them with your party choices goes on for lightyears.

In addition to making different parties, the game has one of the best learning curves to date. It’s simple enough for a six year old to understand, yet complex enough for 20 somethings who have grown up with features such as franchise with IV, EV training, and advanced movesets. Taking advantage of these more complex parts of Pokemon results in far more powerful party members, than if you were to just grind xp and level them up. Don’t believe me? Check out the Pokemon 2013 world championships.

Pokemon isn’t just about the battling, throughout the pokemon franchise there have always been things to do besides battles. From pokemon contests, to making your own movies, and broadway shows. Minigames return to X & Y as super training, but we’ve yet to see if it will compare to the pokeathlon of Heartgold and Soulsilver.  In addition we with the major overhaul to the world being in 3D, we can interact with the world like never before. From riding our pokemon, to sitting on park benches, the world will be more alive as we interact with it outside of using HMs.  Another great feature that’s been long over due in the series, the ability to customize your appearance. You’ll be able to change your clothes, hats, and even give your character a beard.  Whether you want to be the very best, catch em all or simply want a great RPG experience X & Y has what you want.

If you haven’t played a pokemon game since Red and Blue, new to the franchise, or a long time fan like myself, Pokemon X & Y is shaping up to be one of the best handheld games this year.


One response to “Why you should be excited for X & Y

  1. “Pokemon isn’t just about the battling, throughout the pokemon franchise there have always been things to do besides battles.”
    You’re right in here! There was also farming Rare Candies and powerups with Missigno! A tedious but rewarding job ^^

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