Blade’s Top 3 Games for March 2014

“So are you going to PTQ on Saturday?” Aside from video games, Magic the Gathering is my next big vice. That and alcohol.

“Probably not…”  I continued to search through my collection of cards.

“Why not? I thought you were trying to be more competitive?” My friend was puzzled.

“Yeah but, March coming, and there are a TON of games coming out I want to play.”

It seems at some point in time during the year I’m complaining about how much money I’ll have to shell out for this or for that, when it comes to gaming. The last few years have had very solid titles and it seems that this month in march is no different.

With over fifteen huge titled games coming out this month, I decided that I would only get to play three of them at best. So here are my top three games for March 2014.

3.) Shovel Knight (3DS, WiiU, PC)

So if you’ve been paying attention to anything that Brandon and I say, you’ve at least checked out the trailer for this game. Shovel Knight is a kick starter indie game that’s a ballad to Capcom side-scrolling platformer games. The game was originally set to be released back in September, but got delayed.

Shovel Knight’s game play is fast paced similar to that of Castlevania or Duck Tales. Utilizing the character’s shovel as a weapon/pogo-stick, players can defeat enemies, dig up treasure and even traverse dangerous obstacles. You’re shovel can also send projectiles back to enemies, and double as a sword.

The style of the game is also fantastic. Using an 8-bit art style, combined with modern graphics techniques leaves this game feeling beautiful with a very old style. Add in the fact that you have Manami Matsumae (known for her work on composing songs for the original Megaman series) assisting in the games soundtrack, you know you’re in for a great time.

Shovel Knight is due for release on March 31st.

2.) Titanfall (PC, Xbox One)

Woah! Hold up! Blade playing an FPS that isn’t Team Fortress 2? I know, Nemesis was amazed as well. I won’t spend too much time talking about Titanfall, because Nemesis posted about Titanfall the other day. I will say a few things however.

Titanfall, to me, is a game changer when it comes to first person shooters. As of late, we’ve bombarded the market with nothing, but modern day style shooters. Call of Duty and Battlefield (more so Call of Duty than Battlefield) have saturated the first person shooter market. It almost sickens me to think about playing a primarily multiplayer FPS. Yet here comes along Titanfall, changing the rules with parkour, interesting new game modes, oh and giant robots! Even though the game is only six versus six at most, the games’ environment feels so well populated, to the point where you don’t even miss larger scale games.

If you want to read more about our experience with Tiatnfall, check out Nemesis’s article. Titanfall is slated for release on March 25th.

1.) Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

So players of Diablo III, either loved the game or hated it. That being said there were a lot of things wrong with D3 when it launched (I still have nightmares of original Inferno mode). Between the lame drops, brutal difficulty, and lack of motivation D3 wasn’t the game a lot of players wanted.

With a new class, updated paragon system, a plethora of class changes, updated difficulties, Adventure Mode, Bounties, Nephalem Rifts, Blood Shards, Enchanting, improved loot system, improved enemy AI, gear Transmog (like in World of Warcraft), and whatever else I’m forgetting about. Reaper of Souls is quickly turning into the game we expected from Diablo III at launch.

Still unsure? 2.0 is already on the game’s servers, and a lot of my friends and I have been playing with new found vigor and excitement.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is set for release on March 25th.


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