Battlestations Week Day 4 – Nemesis


I can’t believe it’s already been an entire year since we’ve done this.  Either way, for our newcomers to our site, Ill go through my two areas where Im typically gaming and chilling after a day at work or travelling.  Over the course of two years of living in my house I’ve been toying with ideas of changing up my little man cave, but for the most part it’s stayed the same.  Over here to the top you’ll see where I can typically be found in the evenings, and yes I already know what you’re thinking… I have been wanting to get rid of that CoD poster for a very very long time ( just never got around to it).  But I digress. To the left youll see a Corsair Air540 case, some monitors, and some hipster Ikea rice paper lamps that I love.   Let’s take a closer look at the specifics on my desk.  Currently my keyboard is a CM Storm Quickfire with blank Cherry MX keys, a Razer Naga Hex, Sennheiser HD580 Precision Pro headphones, M-Audio AV40 desktop speakers, and a Steelseries Mousepad.  More on the hardware side, my monitor on my desk is a 24″ Asus 144hz refresh rate 3D LED monitor and the one above it is a 46″ Sony Bravia LED display.  I sometimes game on the larger screen or use Steam Big Picture mode with it.



PC Specs

i5-3570k @ 4.4GHZ Stable

Corsair Vengeance Ram

Intel 520 Series SSD

Samsung 2TB 7200rpm “Steam” Drive

Sound Blaster SBX Z Series Sound Card with 600 Ohm Maxim MAX97220 amp

Nvidia GTX680 GPU

Corsair PSU



A little earlier this year I went on a quest to find an excellent quality headset that I could use with my on board sound card or via USB, and after trying about 8 different types of headsets, I was left without having something I truly liked at the end of the day.  I wanted something cleaner sounding with higher quality and fidelity.  That’s when I started looking at audiophile grade headphones instead.  Long story short, after researching the appropriate sound cards with built in AMP/DACs I narrowed it down to the Asus Xonar and new line of Sound Blaster Z cards.  I ended up liking and going with the SB Card more and have not had any driver issues with it that plagued the older cards.  The card’s built in amplifier has enough power to CAM00100push even higher end cans than the Sennheisers I currently have.  If you do have the cash to spend on a nice pair of high end head phones I would recommend going this route any day over generic “gaming” headsets.  To carry on with my Battlestation tour, here is an area where I keep a lot of my spare things like collector editions, my RC Drift Car (HPI Sprint 2), my Vita, and some other odds and ends along with my case for some older consoles.

Next stop, we move out of my little room and onto my living room setup.  My main tv is an 80″ LED Vizio 244hz display that was released earlier this year which I upgraded from my 55″ Plasma.  Eventually Ill probably have it wall mounted.  Connected and driving the audio and video is a Pioneer Elite receiver along with two Klipsch floor standing speakers.   While I’m primarily a PC gamer I still enjoying kicking it on my couch and playing some console exclusives.



Well, that’s really it,  if you have any questions about my setup or would like to know anything just leave me a comment below!  Dont forget to send us your Battlestation to for your chance to get featured and win some stuff!

A special thanks to Cody McGrath for donating these keys.  If you grab one and claim it please let others know and post.

Rocketbirds: Z2WQ3-K8LWK-3IIQI

A Virus Named Tom: WVCHX-B8KVD-7D5CE




6 responses to “Battlestations Week Day 4 – Nemesis

  1. Very nicely set up Nemesis. Good job keeping things clean and tidy too. It’s always a bit disappointing to see nice stations that the user never put the time into laying out well or tucking away cables/cords. Looks excellent.

    Thanks to Cody McGrath for some Rocketbirds too!

  2. I love that entertainment center you have! I’ve been searching for ones like it, would you mind sharing where you got it? 🙂

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