LAN Bag Smackdown: Thermaltake Dragon LAN Bag vs Targus Sport Backpack

Battle Dragon Thermaltake Targus Backpack

I originally wanted to make this a review of the Tt eSports Dragon LAN Bag, but I figured it would be more interesting if I put the infamous LAN bag against a competitor of similar pricing; the Targus TSB212 Backpack.

Both bags seem exceptionally stellar at carrying & protecting your precious gear when going to a LAN event at a friends house or a huge event like Intel LANFest, however there are downsides to both bags.

The infamous Battle Dragon bag by Thermaltake


Thermaltake (or Tt eSports, depending on which products you’re looking for) is mostly known for their computer cases & power supplies, they entered the eSports scene some years ago and since then have put a ton of their revenue on the team they sponsor. It’s nearly impossible to find an eSports game they’re NOT sponsoring. Most of their products are either hit or miss, and I might as well already tell you the bag is not up to snuff.


I was surprised at the amount of stuff I could fit into those 4 compartments, they just kept on expanding.

The front compartments are probably the best part of the bag, whoever designed those should should get a raise.

What about the compartments inside of the bag? It may have looked very good on paper, but somehow they executed it completely wrong. The padding inside the dividers can very easily bend, essentially giving very poor protection if you’re transporting something. The sewing on the dividers in the 3 small compartments can also very easily rip off, how easy? I’d say even a 2 year old could pull the sewing off.

Zipped & ready to go with the gear I threw in

Zipped & ready to go with the gear I threw in

One of the main selling points of the bag is, the amount of gear you can store in this bag. I’ve managed to throw in a monitor, 3 keyboards, a dozen screwdrivers, 2 graphics cards, 2 CPU coolers and there was still a decent bit of headroom left. It can also function is a backpack or side-carry with the included shoulder strap as shown in the video below.

Targus Sport

DSC00974Targus has been making affordable bags at exceptional quality for quite some time, they’re basically the IKEA of the backpack market. It has hit a sweet spot between everyday useage and a ton of storage for those multiple day LAN events or field trips. The bottom of the bag has rugged feel to it, protecting the gear you’ve placed on the bottom of the bag in the event you drop it. There’s  two compartments on the front with one of them protecting the insides with microfiber, not that you would store anything expensive there since it could easily be opened and stolen while walking around.

DSC00977The back end of the bag is decently sized , it could fit my Clevo P150EM laptop (Along with my Samsung Ultrabook) which is known to be one of the thickest gaming laptops on the market. It also has a “fish net” compartment for storing small gadgets like 2.5″ external harddrives, USB’s, game controllers and such. The middle storage area is probably my only complaint about the bag. It has very little padding and the divider is very thin, but at the very least it’s solid.


The Verdict


The Battle Dragon promised so much, it looked exceptional & unbeatable on paper but somehow the execution when producing it went wrong. The selection of proper LAN bags is surprisingly small, if Thermaltake had done this right they would’ve probably dominated the market.

If Thermaltake made a revision of this product addressing the issues, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to people.

Rock solid front compartments
Backpack & Shoulder carry mode
Lots of storage room

Terrible compartment dividers
Low quality padding
Overall mediocre build quality


Targus has been making backpacks for centuries, so it’s no surprise the Sport Backpack is an exceptional product. The middle storage area is probably the only average-quality part of the bag. Microfiber on the front compartment also doesn’t make much sense.

Premium build quality
Lots of padding
Decent bit of expansion considering the size

Middle storage compartment has little protection
Aesthetics look bland

So, which bag would you recommend for me?

It’s hard to say, if you only attend huge LAN events like Dreamhack or Intel LANFest 2-3 times a year, the Battle Dragon will probably do you good with the amount of storage you can use. However if you’re going to a friends house fairly regularly to have game nights in addition to the huge LANs, the Targus Sport would give you the best value.


2 responses to “LAN Bag Smackdown: Thermaltake Dragon LAN Bag vs Targus Sport Backpack

  1. I built my system in a Silverstone FT03 so I grabbed a Silverstone Sugo Pack that packs the whole (relatively small) case along with compartments for keyboard, mouse, pad, headset, and so on. It works very well for small builds.

  2. I mean, I’d love to buy one of these but I’ve still got a mesh bag that I’ve been using for my college books. I don’t think for a while I’d be able to justify the purchase. The Dragon bag looks super sweet though. It’d be a great help for moving my stuff between my apartment at school and back home though.

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