5,000 Facebook Fans Celebration! Fan Donations and More!

In celebration of reaching over 5,000 fans on Facebook, myself along with some awesome fans have come forward to donate some of their own games to give back to our community of gamers.

3 Copies of Torchlight 1
2 Copies of Torchlight 2
2 Copies of Bioshock 1
1 Copy of all the other Games listed below.
A key for Batman Arkham City
A key for Sol Survivor

If you aren’t on our Facebook page that’s no problem at all!  Not everyone uses it, so if you would like to be entered for the random drawing below for one of these 15 games here are the details:

– I will be picking all 15 winners on Monday morning.  List of Winners will be listed here as well as our Facebook page.  The winners will have an opportunity to pick the games they’d like to recieve based on who gets back to us first.  So if you see your name picked email us or private message us on Facebook ASAP! ( dontcritme@gmail.com or if you entered via Facebook message us on there )

-To enter all you need to do is drop a comment below or on our Facebook post telling us a gaming related story that affected your life somehow. (One entry per person/ If you comment on the article please put your name so we can verify emails)

-To be eligible you must either be on our current likes list on our Facebook or on our emailing list prior to the drawing.  We really want this to be for our fans, new and old.






images (1)







A Very Special Thank You To 

Mark Phillips

Matt Corbin

Devin Sharp

Filipe Silva

and the many others that have donated Humble Bundle keys on our wall the past couple days!

4 responses to “5,000 Facebook Fans Celebration! Fan Donations and More!

  1. I used to play a lot of Dota back in the day, but one day I decided to quit so to avoid getting angry for my teams mistakes or enemies, never mine. I usually joke with my friends when they ask if still play, I just say: No man I choose life. I still ocasionally play some Dota 2 or League Of Legends in order to feel the rush.

  2. I like videogames since little. I had 4 or 5 of those 8-bit chinese consoles (the games are fun ^^), a gameboy pocket, n64 (still play from time to time – Super Smash Bros and Zelda: Ocarina of Time are the best :D) and PC.
    Although i don’t play them as much as i used to, university gets in the way, i still like to play and they help me relax and have some fun still after all these years 🙂

  3. I’ve been playing games pretty much my entire life, from playing Super Mario Bros 3 with my mom and dad on their NES, which later became my NES, to playing games for years and having friends with people. I’ve made so many friends thanks to games. A gaming related story that’s effected my life? I’ve been playing games online with friends who I mostly met on the 360 more recently, but games have taught me much more than how to make friends, it’s also that people can also be bad and to not trust everything at face value. When I was playing Diablo 2 as a young 11 year old who was gullible, someone scammed me out of my items. Looking back, the value of the items wasn’t quite as good as the lesson that was taught to me that day, that people need to earn your trust before you should listen to them. On a happier note, I also have made some decade long friendships thanks to Diablo 2, so at least there was positives besides the thousands of hours of fun I poured into that game.

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