Badasses & Badonkadonks! More Borderlands 2 Goodness!

If you are like me, then you absolutely loved Borderlands 2 and have been craving more! Well this past weekend at PAX, Gearbox dropped the deets on not only a new DLC pack, but a level cap bump as well as a new playable character! I’ve taken the liberty to bring all of the information together in one spot for you to check out! Take a peek!!!

Krieg the Psycho!

I had a lot of fun playing with the additional character, Gaige the Mechromancer, and Gearbox is gearing up to drop yet another playable character for us to slay baddies with. Krieg the Psycho is inspired by the many, many, many Psychos running around on Pandora, looking very similar to the Badass Psychos.

I’ve read that Krieg’s action skill revolves around his axe, which is a Badass Psycho staple. He will be able to use it as a melee and ranged weapon. His skill trees are named Bloodlust, Mania and Hellborn; Bloodlust focuses on a stacking buff, Mania gives buffs for taking damage, and Hellborn revolves around turning yourself into a Burning Psycho! Krieg’s downed state allows him to throw dynamite to allow his ‘Second Wind,’ much like Axton’s ability to toss grenades while down.

I am personally pretty stoked to play this new character, and as much as I am against DLC, this seems like a pretty solid purchase. I definitely got $10 worth of enjoyment out of the Mechromancer pack, and expect this to be no different. You can read a little bit more about Krieg at Destructoid.

New Level Cap!

It has been teased for a while, but the cat is finally out of the bag: new level cap is 61. The catch is that it is part of a small DLC pack called the Ultimate Vault Hunters Pack which drops April 2nd. If you got the Season Pass, it will be free.

The pack bumps the level cap up to 61, and adds a new tier of gear called “Pearlescent” which ranges from 51 to 61. If it’s what I think it is, put away those legendaries and get ready to farm more stuff! Also with the pack comes a new third play-through option called “Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode,” which will be available to all, regardless of whether you own the DLC or not. I plan on sinking my teeth into this pack next week, after I finish Bioshock!

New DLC Pack!

Details are fairly scarce at this point, as Gearbox didn’t want to show off anything prematurely, but the new DLC pack should hit around June. Gearbox showed off a cryptic video trailer at PAX, showing Tiny Tina hosting a Pandora-ized game of Dungeons & Dragons called “Bunkers & Badasses.”

I don’t know if it is just a cute little video that introduces the DLC pack, or maybe we will be crawling dungeons Borderlands 2 style. I really hope we get to crawl dungeons Borderlands 2 style! What do you guys think?

Diamond Plate Loot Chest?


This is something I am actually not really all that excited about, but it’s still kinda cool either way. 5,000 of these limited edition loot chests will be made and sold via ThinkGeek. Inside is a replica Goliath mask, decals, item codes w/ cards, and well pretty much all you see in the picture. It will retail for $99 and will release sometime in May. Check out to get more info!

PHEW! That is quite a lot of stuff dropped over the weekend! What do you guys think? Are you as excited as I am for this stuff or just meh?



One response to “Badasses & Badonkadonks! More Borderlands 2 Goodness!

  1. Wow, considering BL2 is the first game in a good while I’ve been able to stand playing all the way through, this is fantastic news!

    2 points for “Tiny Tina’s Racism Adventure” 😀

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