Season Passes: Are you on board with this wacky idea?



I first became aware of the Season Pass concept with Call of Duty. I hadn’t really seen or heard anything like this before Call of Duty 2011 came out. I believe it was called Call of Duty Elite, but it was an extra $50 you could spend to basically buy the DLC in advance. As I have become a very jaded gamer (ala Bill from Game Players magazine), I find the idea to be quite annoying.

I could vent all day about how DLC is being mishandled to the point of being insulting, but I just want to tackle something I read today about an already available Season Pass. If you are not familiar, the “Season Pass” is a new idea in which you can spend a lump sum of money up front to basically pre-order DLC. Often times these “Season Passes” comes with additional perks, which are generally meaningless gun skins or early power boosts to help you not figure out how to play a game properly.

What really set me off was a seemingly harmless Facebook post by Steam. They had announced you can already buy a Season Pass for Bioshock Infinite. If you are not aware Bioshock Infinite is a game that isn’t even out yet. It’s more than a month away from release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A. MONTH. AWAY! But you can already shill out $20 for the Season Pass! What does it get you? Well, who the hell knows?!?!? All it says on Steam are some pointless gun skins and power boosts to help you not figure out how to play the game properly, and some unidentified packs in the future. Genius.

I realize Season Passes are optional, and you don’t have to buy them. But this is just fucking bullshit. Nobody has played the game yet, but I’m sure people have already plunked down $20 blindly on the hype alone. How can you make a decision like that if you haven’t even played the game yet? It’s entirely possible it could be a real stinker, as we have already witnessed a huge, super-hyped game fall flat on it’s face last week. It’s gonna be real annoying when you fire up Bioshock and it completely blows. $80 down the tube.

In the end it’s up to the consumer to make the decision to buy. Hell, I bought a Season Pass for Borderlands 2, but I had already beaten the game twice and hit level 50. Granted I only paid $30 for the game, so the $30 Season Pass brought me to the normal retail price of the game. I just continually feel like the publishers make you feel like just buying the $60 game isn’t enough of your money for them allow you to fully enjoy the experience. If we keep getting bullied around with these DLC packs, games will become an even more expensive hobby.

I’ll stop ranting now.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you wish they’d cut the bullshit, or keep on trucking?


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