First Hand Look (Unboxing/Install) : NZXT Kraken X60

Initial Impressions/Install/Unboxing

Full Review Coming Soon

Installed in NZXT Switch 810

Processor: AMD Phenom X6 1090T (Six-Core)

Motherboard: MSI NF980-G65

Both Krakens are aggressively priced at $99 and $139 for the X40 and X60, respectively, and backed by a 2 year warranty.

NZXT introduces the Kraken series, the first premium all-in-one water coolers for PC enthusiasts. The Kraken X60 is a high-end 280mm water cooling solution where ease of use meets functionality. Included are two NZXT FX-140 PWM fans, with capacity to install an additional 2 more fans in a push-pull configuration for unrivaled cooling performance. At the core of the cooler is a state-of-the-art pump attached to an all copper base. Bridging the radiator and pump is an extra-long 16” tubing and premium sleeved cables, easily installed into even in the largest chassis. NZXT developed the Kraken series to be the best closed loop water coolers on the market.


The overall size difference between the X40 and the X60 is very noticeable.   The X40 being a 140mm radiator design, and the X60 being a 280mm radiator design.

NZXT was smart going with 140mm, Most people who would consider solutions like these most likely has or will have a case that will fit a single 140mm rad.


Really well packaged, the unboxing shows how NZXT want’s their products presented.  Packaged safely for shipping and neatly for easy unboxing when you are ready to open for install.


Fully Spread out we see 2X 140mm fans, Kraken Control Software CD, Brackets/Mounting Hardware, Install Guide, 280mm Radiator and CPU block.


This Kraken X60 is going into an NZXT Switch 810 Tower.  Currently in this pic it was outfitted with a standard Corsair H50 Cooler.  I had this unit for a very long time.  There is a known issue with fitment of the X60 on the Switch 810s, however it’s been stated, provide proof of purchase to NZXT after you get your X60 and they will send you a new 810 top panel for fitment.  Although I had fitment issues, I was still able to get it to mount properly with my stock Switch 810.


Started by removing GPU and internal Mobo to piece together the mounting hardware needed to install the X60 onto my AM3+ board.


Uninstalling the old Corsair H50 cooler.  Installing the X60 bracket were very simple and took under 10 minutes by myself.


The X60 utilizes SATA Power for it’s connection. Innovation right here, if you ask me. I disliked Corsair’s Molex.   SATA is much more reliable than 4Pin Molex, which is not just a pain to ensure connection for those with lots of cables behind the panel, but it’s less likely to break or have it’s connection lost.


Initial test fitting with the block along with 4x140mm fan push/pull utilization on the radiator, and YES that NZXT logo lights up and is fully customizable via the software included.

Upon completion of the software installation, NZXT Kraken Control gives you full access to all of the units Features.





2 responses to “First Hand Look (Unboxing/Install) : NZXT Kraken X60

    • You can, but NZXT doesn’t recomment it since some people have problems witht he software. You can install the hardware and connect the power, leave out the usb cord. Run the PC, install the software and then connect the USB cable for the control you wanted.

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