Looking forward to games, for me, is a rare thing. I usually am too busy enjoying the games of the past two to three years to be too concerned with various up and coming games. But it is nice to see a game come along and surprise you into being excited about it.


I have been a fan of the Deadpool comic book series for a few years now, and have amassed a stockpile of his comic books to pour over when the internet goes ca-put due to a large storm passing over. Seeing the new Deadpool game planned for release next year really got the neckbeard nerd inside of me all riled up.

Despite it only being released on console, I still maintain some hope that it will emulate the over the top violence, swearing and boobs that the comic book so graciously conveys. With Nolan North as the main voice actor for Deadpool (excluding his other two head mates), it helps suit the character well. Hopefully the dialogue in the game will not be too deliberately rude, with instead a more subtle under tone of complete insanity.

While I’m not sure how his regenerative abilities will fit into the game, it is clear that you will never die. In the comic books, Deadpool has been literally turned into ash and bone and still come back from the dead. Hopefully they don’t make it too easy to regenerate from bullet wounds and the like. Also, I am not entirely sure what plot line it will hold. There are many ways to go about the story line, but I hope there are assassination side missions, a large world set up and the ability do just go out and cause some serious carnage.

Well, it definitely emulates some of the comic so far...

Well, it definitely emulates some of the comic so far…

Anyway, while I waste my time away playing the games I bought through the Steam Winter sale (Mirrors Edge, yeah!), I shall remain steadfast in my anticipation for Deadpool next year. While things like Bioshock Infinite will be coming out, I doubt that it will satisfy my fangirl urge for comic book justice.

For more about the Deadpool game, check it out here:



  1. Could be interesting! Some form of incapacitation could be a good way of handling a character who can’t properly die, though I guess you could say that a respawn is the same thing as coming back from the dead.

    • Incapacitation, or reduced abilities depending on the severity of the wounds, would do quite well… and ether a meter or timer allowing for certain wounds to heal. I am looking forward to see what they plan on making it like

  2. I only recently started looking into Deadpool, but I really like what I’ve seen. I am looking forward to this game.

    No giveaway this time?

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