2012 wasn’t the best year of gaming for me, there were only a few games that had me interested for more than a few hours before I lost interest interest in them.

2011 was one of the best years of gaming for me, Dungeon Defenders, Bastion, Metro 2033 & many other great titles were released and they were all amazing.
Metro: Last Light is the game I’m looking most forward to play in 2013, with Bioshock Infinite coming in the second. The predecessor, Metro 2033 was about a civilization living deep in the metro because of a series of atomic bombs that hit all the major cities around the world, making it impossible to live outside the Metro.

It’s not all happiness and rainbows down in the metro, the communities are split up into factions of all kind (Nazi’s & communists to name a few) & are fightning against eachother while some mysterious creatures from the surface are haunting them.

June 6th, 2012 @ 16:42:57

I loved the original Metro: 2033 game to death when it got released, I played through the campaign multiple times because I got really sucked into the story. Beware though, the game is a real power hog, it can make a dual GTX 580 setup curl into a ball and cry in certain areas of the game.

The gunplay felt really tight, especially in ranger mode which is essentially hardcore mode with limited ammunition, no UI & harder enemies overall.

Not much information has been released about the new Metro gamem with the exception of a few console 720p gameplay videos. The games are set off Dmitry Glukhovsky’s books, kind of in the similar way with The Witcher books & video games.


The major gripe I had with Metro 2033 was it’s linearity, you couldn’t really explore around the world. It was kind of like Call of Duty where you’d just hit a wall or get killed by things if you ran too far away. I really hope they’ve changed that for Last Light.

I’ve got no doubts with 4A games’ next title, Metro 2033 was stellar with it’s tight gunplay, immersive storyline & different endings. When Last Light gets released I can assure you that I will be too “sick” to work for the next couple of days.

Metro 2033 was given out free to thousands of people some days ago, if you’re one of those who’s got the game but still haven’t played it, I suggest you to do so. Just remember it won’t run well on older systems due to the astonishingly beautiful engine.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to the release of dead space 3 and crysis 3. Not sure if it will come out in 2013 but the next elders scroll is also a game I hope will be great. There is also a bunch of indie game that i don’t know and other that I will buy like the binding of
    Isaac remake.

  2. Your pc will cry and so will you! Metro 2033 is my all time fav. Super solid gun play and ultra hard Ranger mode make this a must play. I can not wait for part 2. I must finish my battle against the wasted underground. Im praying the specs wont have to be through the roof for this one. 2033 looed amazing on normal settings so I can only imagine.

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