“So you’re a Dwarf without a beard?” My friend was thoroughly confused, and maybe even afraid.

“Yeah, all the beards to me felt way too elaborate. So I just gave him stubble.”

“Dude that’s like, a man without his penis.”

“Err-What? No it’s not!” I did my best to defend my characters looks, but suddenly I was on the defensive and my Dwarf became a known as as a short stocky human, or a plague carrier for beard destroying disease to all of my friends.

2013 has promised so far handful of great titles. Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and Bioshock Infinite just to name a few. However while I’m excited for all of those games, none of them have higher hopes to be successful than Dragon Age 3.

Dragon Age: Origins to this day remains to be one of my favorite RPGs of all times. It sits nicely right up there with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. It’s almost a unanimous agreement that the game, while having some major flaws such as class imbalance, was one of the best modern day RPGs of all time. However moving into Dragon Age 2 a lot of things changed, and the fan base became very split. Either you liked Dragon Age 2 or you considered it to be a mess of a game that should never have seen the light of day.

Now I’m somewhere in the middle. I really enjoyed certain aspects of the game. I liked your companions in Dragon age 2 a little more than in Dragon Age: Origins (Varric please have my babies!) while I did enjoy the combat system that didn’t revolve around the necessary tank and healer plus two others (Which would both be mages if you were playing on the hardest difficulty). Combined with the fact you didn’t have to make multiple playthroughs or save files in order to unlock every class specialization made the combat system a lot easier to plan and interesting. There were parts of the game that where genuine improvements from the original game.
That’s not to say at all the game was perfect. I was bothered by a lot of the role play choices, such as that, SPOILER ALERT, Hawke is doomed to be forever alone, and the fact that you can’t even alter too much about what Hawke is. You have to be a human. Coming from my beardless Dwarf I felt cheated. One of the best parts of Dragon Age: Origins was everyone’s… well origins. You had dynamic and interesting stories depending on what class, race, and background you picked. In this game, you were always Hawke, and always your story started off running away from Darkspawn.

The biggest complaint was however Kirkwall, the city that the game takes place in. While I had no qualms about actually staying in the city and around the city limits for the entire game, I did have a qualm due to the fact that nothing about Kirkwall ever really changed. The game spawns almost an entire decade, yet nothing changes. The buildings and people don’t get older, new vendors and shops don’t close down or run out of business. Areas such as refugees don’t expand or shrink in size. The list about how to make time actually pass by in Kirkwall goes on and on. It felt like Kirkwall was some summer town that everyone grouped back up at once some time had passed. Once Hawke had some dramatic storyline revelation, everyone left their things, went somewhere else for a bit, and then came back when Hawke needed to do things.

So what exactly is going to make Dragon Age 3: Inquisition a success?  Well I believe it has to a lot to do with Bioware’s approach on to Dragon Age 3. To start the executive producer of Dragon Age 3, Mark Darrah (Who was actually the lead programmer on Baulder’s Gate, Baulder’s Gate 2, Jade Empire, and created the DM client for Neverwinter Nights), I actually came out with an open letter to fans talking about how they’re developing Dragon Age 3. A lot of player feedback, as well as utilizing a lot of the original team from Dragon Age: Origins, puts my hopes up. Not to mention that they’re developing an entirely new engine based off of Frosbite 2 (What EA uses to make all of their sports games look pretty), to create a fantastic and great looking game. You can read the entire letter from Darrah here.

So moving into 2013 Dragon Age 3 is something that I’m looking forward to with great anticipation. It’s not say that I didn’t like Dragon Age 2, it’s just that Dragon Age 2 wasn’t as great as Dragon Age: Origins. Hoping for another Dragon Age: Origins I believe would be foolish and naive, but a better RPG than Dragon Age 2 (And hopefully not having the same story telling fiasco as Mass Effect 3) is something I truly look forward to in 2013. That and Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, but we’re not going to talk about my obsession with a grindy Japanese game.

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  1. I loved dragon age origins but dragon age 2 not so much… but varric, varric is awesome! I am really expecting Metro last light and I know it will be great!

  2. My guess would have to be Bioshock Infinite.

    I just got the first Dragon Age game 2 weeks ago (I’m cheap), but haven’t gotten to start on it yet. Now you tell me someone that loved Chrono Trigger and FF6 loved DAO. Well, there goes my winter vacation…

  3. See I enjoyed the faster paced combat of Dragons age 2 much more then the point, click and watch of origins. That is the cool thing about gamers, we all have different opinions and yet we all like Games haha Im looking forward to Monster Hunter. I still play Monster Hunter dos daily so heres to hoping I can get my hands on a 3ds and Monster Hunter 3g 🙂

  4. PS3 Exclusives! Sly 4, The Last of Us, and God of War: Ascension. Also, Tomb Raider will (hopefully) be awesome.

  5. If Metro: Last Light will be as good, or better than Metro 2033 then i will be one happy gamer.
    (Also i have a feeling that Crysis 3 will be pretty fun to play, and amazing too look at)

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