In 2012 I learned that I procrastinate in playing games. I still have Dishonored, Borderlands 2, and Assassin’s Creed III sitting on my shelf, untouched (I blame my degree). I spent 2012 catching up on games that I never played during my childhood – but obviously you guys don’t want to hear about how much fun I’m having playing Super Mario 64 in 2012. At first I thought I didn’t even really have a game of the year, and then I realized that wasn’t true at all. Mistwalker’s The Last Story is my game of the year.


I talked about The Last Story a few months ago when I wibbled about how excited I was and how happy I was that this game was being brought to the US. As a JRPG fan my whole life, I love Hironobu Sakaguchi’s work and Nobuo Uematsu’s music, and I really haven’t played a recent JRPG that has really 11_charcaptivated me. The Last story manages to subvert the over-the-top tropes that I disliked about other games, but somehow mesh its style with the typical JRPGs. The character and landscape design is beautiful, and each character becomes properly developed through various sidequests. And oh, are there sidequests.

At first I was iffy about the battle system, but it managed to be different and unique, yet still streamlined and easy to follow. The game is not simple and there are usually strategies to follow, but it does not feel repetitive. The style of battle ranges from up close melee combat, to third-person crossbow shooting, to a sneaking-and-sniping style strategies. Although the game mostly takes place in one city, the city is huge, with tons to explore and discover. The controls work well whether with the WiiMote or the (I prefer) the classic controller.


Overall, I really love this game. It can get a little bit cheesy at times, but after a few hours I was completely immersed in the story, and especially in the characters. I also have to mention that the packaging of the game was gorgeous, for both the regular edition and the special edition.

Against my better judgement, I also have to admit that I really had fun playing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the 3DS (it is the most use the stupid thing has had since it was purchased on launch day). I know, I know. The nostalgia of hearing that music and the cutesy art style just made me smile inside.

We are always open to listening to our readers,  what things would you like to see more of/ less of on our site in 2013?  More media/ more articles/ more reviews/ anything else? Comments and suggestions are welcome, as always, when brought up constructively. 🙂

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  1. I guess a Twitter Account will really help.. And MORE articles about gaming peripherals and stuff! Also, I would like to see’s FB page current.. I mean, when news comes out about big games, you can post something about it almost immediately after or at the same time as PCGAMER or other big magazine names in PC gaming. 🙂

  2. As someone else mentioned in a previous comment, I’d never even heard of The Last Story, though I don’t pay all that much attention to the Wii.

    That said, I’d like to see more reviews/info on some of the possibly lesser hyped games like this (or maybe I was just oblivious to this title and everyone else was gushing about it while I wasn’t looking :P).

  3. i have not been here long but i like it the way it is. giveaways video game news all that stuff is great you guys are doing a good job.

  4. Reviews are amazing, and you could always use more, and video reviews would be even better. A twitter account would be a really good thing for you guys to have, seeing as how many people come to you’re website and rely on you so there’s no doubt that you would have a good bit of followers. The rest of you’re site is pretty much spot on though, kudos to you. ^^

    • loved this post! Im not really into JRPGs but I will sure give it a try! Andrea, im just like you im trying to keep up with the games i missed 😀

  5. More articles and reviews can’t hurt! I will go against the masses though, and say text rather than video, as it’s easier to read something in bits while doing other things, while you have to stop everything for a video.

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