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My goodness, this year has been amazing for games. We’ve had some great releases, with Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3 and Dishonored deserving of some very honorable mentions. But hear me out… My choice this year is Diablo 3.

“But Tangerine, we all know how crappy D3 is!”. Oh piffle. There is always room for improvement, and believe me, Blizzard has been doing exactly that. With the 1.0.5 patch coming out recently, and an expansion in the making, it can honestly only go upwards in quality of play and style. Along with some of the largest sales in Blizzards history, helping to boost their earnings, I can happily say that this game has done well as the final installment in the Diablo series.

This has been the leading cause of violence in my life

This has been the leading cause of violence in my life

It’s not just about the game play so much in this case. It’s about the nostalgia.

While I did suffer through the crappiest stages of the games release, constantly getting kicked from servers accidentally, not being able to log in, and a fair few issues before 1.0.5 was released, I still enjoyed playing it. I am not so dedicated as others, to bother spending time leveling all the way to Inferno, but I still enjoyed milling through up to Hell mode.

Also, even though this was the third installment of the series, it did not isolate new comers to this series. While you could have previously experienced Diablo 1 and 2, that only added to the experience, instead of subtracting from the experiences of those not fully aware of the back story.

So yes, while his game has had it’s ups and downs, and has been anticipated for about a decade now, I found it enjoyable to play through at any time of the year, be it for a quick half hour run around, or a full 5 hour escapade. While it does not have the big world feel of Diablo 2, I suspect that the expansion will ether add more areas to explore, and possibly new story lines on the followers you can have.

To enter this 12 Days of Giveaway Contest (Comment Below):  When gaming do you prefer using a headset or a nice set of speakers and why? 

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  1. I use head set all the time. Because i hear alot in my headset and when im using speakers i have a hard time to hear what they say. I only use speakers in GTA series because i love to listen to the music when im listen to the car radio in the game=)

  2. I usually use my speakers, unless playing with other people. That’s mainly because my headset is a piece of crap that I got for $20. My speakers aren’t much better, but they are better.

  3. I usually use a headset, but maybe that’s because i find it makes it more engrossing or because i have really bad speakers

  4. When gaming I prefer using a headset because I have a 1 year old that sleeps at all kinds of odd hours and the more he can sleep the better off the wife and I are.

    “Oh piffle.” HAHA, you win. Yes, D3 is a fun game. I personally enjoy TL2 better (which is sad a little to me actually) and am still having problems logging in (on just 1 of my 2 machines at my home) so the problems with the game personally keep it from hitting #1 for me for the year.

  5. Personally a 50$ headset for Skype-gaming and a high-end speaker set for alone gaming is enough for me. I use headset for Skype because my friends likes to swear a lot, but my parents don’t like it that much.

  6. I TOTALLY agree with you Tangerine. “It’s not just about the game play so much in this case. It’s about the nostalgia.” Although I expected it be Diablo II-ish more or less, I still honestly and sincerely enjoyed the game despite the fact that I didn’t get any legendaries so far. I am level 60 in Hell! 😦

    Anyways, to answer your question. HEADSET of course. If you have a good one, you can block out all the external noise and be one with the game! While playing Dishonored, I sometimes jump everytime the sirens sounds! 🙂

    • No legendaries! D: What a terrible turn of luck. I’ve managed to find two, one which I still wear and another which I sold off.

      Thanks for the positive comment. I really didn’t know what to expect from D3, and since I set my expectations so low, I came out pretty damn pleased. :3

  7. most of the time i would say speakers. for games that have co-op and more that one character. if I’m playing a scary game or a game that’s more 1 on 1 (like amnesia) then headset all the way!

  8. Sound Bar all the way. Crank that sucker up and the barbarians shots can be heard through the house. I like it loud and bassy! Headphones only come into play when Im playing a survival horror game and I want to poop my pants!

    • I never got complaints when using my speakers for D3, or any other game, until I played Saints Row Three. THEN everyone decided to be offended.

      The horror games a GREAT for surround sound. You can’t just snatch off your headset. You have to suffer through!

  9. Headset. Just feels more natural and comfortable to me while gaming. Also if you just chill and play with some good buddies, you will – sooner or later – talk about all kinds of stuff and I’d like to keep that “stuff” private.

  10. Depends on the game really. If I’m playing with friends, or playing a FPS, headset hands down. Anything else, I’ll probably use speakers.

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