Metroid; living in the shadows of Nintendo’s greats


With the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series coming and going, my friend pointed out to me that most people completely forgot that it was also the 25th anniversary of the Metroid Prime series. Becoming saddened by the fact that Nintendo had done nothing to celebrate this milestone, I began to wonder why on earth this series of underrated platform and FPS games remained so ignored by not only the gaming industry, but also Nintendo fans.

From bounty hunting bad-ass, to a whiny rule 34 dream

From bounty hunting bad-ass, to a whiny rule 34 dream

My first point of reasoning was that while Nintendo greats such as Mario and Zelda had done so well throughout their time, from NES to Wii U, this was mainly because they were perceived as ‘kids’ game. Remembering back to my young days, I was not allowed to have any of the Metroid series, simply because my parents thought it was a more violent, scary game, when it too was aimed at the same audience as Mario and Zelda.

However, in its early days, Metroid was a very popular game. While having a discussion with my friend, she really highlighted what may have brought it all down; Metroid, Other M.

Pew Pew Pew!

Pew Pew Pew!

Other M violated the principle of the silent protagonist that Samus had portrayed through all these games. Suddenly, she was a whiny, depressed girl who had to deal with waaaaay to many cut scenes. Nintendo had entrusted this game to Team Ninja, and despite the great game play, quite a few fans were disappointed. There were several plot holes that could have been easily covered by a sentence or two of dialogue (such as something as simple of “Metroid baby” that only the long time fans would have understood), and it was fairly disjointed.

Lastly, I think the main reason now that Metroid is being ignored is because Nintendo is going to keep pumping money into their main popular games. With no real need to begin a new series, or carry on a series that isn’t doing as well as others, games like Metroid will constantly live in the shadow of the money making greats.

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