Black Friday Shenanigans with Nemesis!

Some of you all may know that recently I picked up an XBox 360 for Halo4, but being primarily a PC gamer that has taken advantage of Steams awesome sales, I didnt have any other console games.  When I decided to look around Black Friday ads, I noticed there were a lot of great advertisements for console players from PS3, to 360 , to Wii.   Last year, I didn’t go shopping.  There simply wasn’t anything that I needed and the deals weren’t all that great to me.  However, I decided to go out on Thanksgiving night and take advantage of store early openings.
My first stop for the evening was Wal-Mart.  Where else was I going to pick up Forza Horizon, Max Payne 3, Spec Ops: The Line, and Dead Island for $14.99 or less!  As I ventured out of the driveway I thought to myself, “…dont get your hopes up, there’s probably been people in line for days”, I still had hope to pick these games up.  Quite surprised as I pulled up, there was no line to get into the store, the store was already open.  Next stop…the electronics section.  So THAT’s where everyone was.  When I approached the electronics department I saw middle aged woman getting ready to throw down for some Xbox games.   I just happened to take a quick snapshot of the moment through my eyes.  No way, was I going to try and weasel my way in between them so I decided to do something different.  I headed to the games glass cabinet where the games were locked up.  Instantly, I noticed all the games I wanted were on the shelf locked up, while this pallet that everyone was surrounding was but a few feet away.  I crouch and go into stealth mode to go find an electronics employee with the keys and encounter heavy resistance for them to give me the titles before 8pm (the time when the sale started) despite me telling them that I was going to check out at that time anyways.  4 employees, and 2 managers later, I finally get a hand on the games I wanted, except for one, since I forgot all about it.  About this time the crowd around the pallet of on-sale 360 games grew substantially.   Despite this, I wanted Sims 3 also for PC, but Wal-Mart didn’t have a sale on it.  Even though this was the case, they price matched Best Buy’s midnight price of $7.99 at the register and gave it to me!  Even while standing in line I picked up the Assasins Creed: Lineage movie on Blu-ray for $5.

Right about 10 o’clock when I leave the store, I decided to head to Target to take my girlfriend and parents since they wanted some things there.  I realize on the drive there that I forgot completely to get Spec Ops on 360 while I was at Wal-Mart.  First World Problems, right?!  No problem I think to myself, I can just get Target to price match for me.  After this extremely long line to get into Target gets into the store, I promptly head to Electronics again where I pick up my copy of Spec Ops and proceed to the check out lanes.  When I get to the check out lanes and ask them for price matching, they quickly tell me they don’t price match on Black Friday! Seriously, what the hell is that? They price match every day of the year except for Black Friday, couldn’t even match from a local competitor nonetheless.  Sure it may be cheaper than what you are selling it for, but what’s the profit margin on nothing?  You guessed it, nothing. I gave the game back and walked out of the store.  The night was fairly early and when I headed to Best Buy.  The line was so long and approximately an hour and half away from store opening, I decided just to head home and enjoy some of the games I picked up.  Later this Saturday, venturing back to Wal-Mart was on top of my list to go pick up Spec Ops but unfortunately it wasn’t in stock.  They did however, have X-Com Enemy Unknown for $25.99 so I just got that instead. Along with my Saturday finds, I snagged up Wrath of the Titans on Blu-Ray for $3.99 and a Sonic Car Freshener.   Unlike one year when I was in college and stood in line for 6 hours to get a computer at Best Buy, this year I went out only an hour before the stores opened and managed to get everything I wanted on my list.  I managed to grab up a few hundred dollars worth of games for under $100 and Im really happy overall!  There’s a lot of junk out there people fight over and end up not liking, but if you know where to look and scour the ads for not so “in-demand” items, you can easily pick them up without much hassle.  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, and if you didn’t celebrate or you’re just outside of the US I hope you all enjoyed our giveaways again on our Facebook page.  I have a few leftover so keep an eye out!

One response to “Black Friday Shenanigans with Nemesis!

  1. You are a brave brave shopper lol I couldnt ever bring myself to go back out there after a bad trip one year of being pick pocketed in a best buy and getting into an altercation with the thief lol

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