A Chance To Get Skyrim on 360 for Free

Greetings faithful readers and subscribers of DontCritMe.  I’m here to share with you the above photo.  I purchased an XBOX 360 to help out with a review and enjoy all the wonderful things I’ve heard about Halo 4.  With that being said, I obtained a free downloadable copy of Skyrim for someone to enjoy on their 360.  Anyone is welcome to enter,  but I’d really like for this to go to someone that will enjoy the game, hasn’t had the opportunity to play it, and really will appreciate it.  Typically on our contests that we’ve held on Facebook we’ve just said to insert random numbers, like and share, or comment, etc.  However, this time Id like to request if you really want this game type out in a comment below or on our Facebook post on why you would like to have this game.  On Monday our editors will vote on who we think should get the game.  If you have a friend that doesn’t have the game and would love to own it send him our way, you dont have to register to comment below here or be on Facebook 🙂  However, if you do comment below be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

So that’s it!  Tell us in whatever length you wish, why you would like to own Skyrim.



14 responses to “A Chance To Get Skyrim on 360 for Free

  1. I would like to be able to play out on our TV where my kids can watch and participate. I’m trying to get my daughter into video games more and show her what a fantastic RPG looks like. Mario on her DS is one thing, I think it’s time to move on to something bigger 🙂

  2. Hey Don’t Crit Me guys, I’ve been subscribed for a while and love reading all your stuff. I haven’t been able to play most of the games you review and talk about though, being a poor college student. So that’s really it. I am a big fan of Bethesda’s games, and I would love to get a chance to play Skyrim.

  3. I want to give it to my brother he have no money to buy it =( and its a great game and i think he can enjoy the game big times

  4. This was the one game I was disppointed not to get when Christmas came around. After all the hype, I missed the release, and with 4 kids, really couldn’t spare money around Christmas time. After playing Oblivion (to be honest after I found out about Skyrim) I was pretty hooked. Not to mention the pictures that Brandon and a few others were posting didn’t ease my anticipation. Unfortunately, I’ve grown somewhat complacent with not having the game, yet everytime I walk through Wal-Mart or Best Buy, I see it and once again remember how badly I wanted it. Seeing this gave me the same ‘wishful thinking’, Hopefully I can win this or pick up a copy soon, before another game comes out and I am once again behind the times…

  5. I would like the game because i absolutely loved Oblivion (put over 300 hours into it on PS3) and the short time I got to play Skyrim on the PS3 was fun until i ran into a glitch and couldn’t progress any more. I also recently bought an XBOX and heard that Skyrim runs better on it so I would like to win this so I can actually beat the game 🙂

    Email: dvfaa123@gmail.com

  6. elllloo Dontcritme peeps 😀 i wouldd love to play this game on the xbox cause well i dont have a lot of games due to lack of money of course Q-Q. and even my computer cant handle awesome games like skyrim makes me sad kinda regretting buying my pc back in 09 thinking i wouldnt be playing video games at all. well good luck everyone 😀

  7. I would be getting this for my wife and I. Her Birthday is on the 16th, I just moved the house around and made a gaming room for her. Not me HER…lol. Anyways, I did that cause I am broke as a Joke. We both have been wanting to play it together we just haven’t had the chance to do so. Of course she would be in charge of all the cooking and crafting in the game =P

  8. I’ve been a fan of Bethesda games for a long time, played Oblivion since it came out and still doing it. I remember in when Oblivion came out I told all my friends it was going to be a great game, they just weren’t that really into games. Last year when Skyrim came out, everyone was so hyped about it. And I really wanted it but I didn’t and still don’t have the money to use on videogames. Haven’t bought a game since Halo:Reach came out. I want to experience the fun I had in singleplayer once more playing a more updated Elder Scrolls.
    Anyways, Thanks again for a chance to win Skyrim, and good luck to everyone!
    Also here’s my email adress: vehlrex@gmail.com

  9. I’ve wanted to play this game for a while, I had purchased it on PC, but my PC hasn’t been working for about 8 months, so I haven’t played any of it. I’m a huge Xbox guy compared to PC also. I’d like it so that I could see why people like this game so much since I’ve never experienced an elder scrolls game..

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