Medal of Honor: Warfighter…Dont Judge the Game Just Yet


Before Battlefield 3 was released, I was playing a lot of Bad Company 2 as well as Medal of Honor (2010, especially as we approached the release of BF3).  I enjoyed Medal of Honors single player story line while BC2’s multiplayer satisfied my online competitive play I was wanting.  The MoH that was released in 2010 was Danger Close studios first step into modern day combat FPS, considering all of their previous titles were set during World War II.   From Battlefield to Call of Duty I’ve taken an interest into seeing how the FPS genre develops into the coming years.  Without having played Warfighter just yet, I obviously can’t give you a full reccommendation on to pick it up or pass on the title.  However, what I can do is give you opinions from my impressions of the streams I have seen of the beta.  Either way, I am picking up the title tomorrow and expect to see a final decision in the coming day or two.

Let’s get right into it.  We live in a day and age where most FPS games we buy are judged by it’s online multiplayer and not it’s single player campaign.  Face it, the majority of people want to start ranking up and unlocking all the goodies to get an advantage against their friends or online opponents.  However, with the last Medal of Honor title, the single player campaign mode brought a sense of excitement, empathy towards the characters, a compelling story, and put you right into the shoes of soldier.  A few days ago I had just wrapped up my play through of Medal of Honor (2010), and without a doubt, it simply was  the best single player  campaign story I have played in an FPS.  When you develop an emotional ( even the toughest gamers can get emotional in games) attachment to characters and see an impactful story unravel in front of your eyes it seems to justify a purchase and leaves you fulfilled.   And upon getting the ending cinematic below (Spoiler) it was enough for me to commit to picking up the title tomorrow for the campaign mode alone, not just for reviewing purposes.

Warfighter continues three years after the previous story left off, focusing on the story of U.S. Tier 1 operator “Preacher”, a soldier who returned home to find his family torn apart by his absence.  While in Medal of Honor (2010) they did an excellent job of the single player, the mutliplayer no doubt felt thrown together at the last second just so they could try to appease both parties, but of course that fell on it’s face and was barely noticed. Unforetunatly, with having a poor and clunky multiplayer it never had a chance of becoming widely recognized with Battlefield and CoD being the front runners.  But let’s face it, I feel strongly that games today revolve around multiplayer way too damn much.  Sure being online with other gamers working towards a common objective is great and all, but sometimes, I want to experience my own epic story in a shooter campaign; a quality shooter campaign, let me be quick to clarify that.

Enough about the single player campaign, lets take a look at what I’ve observed from the multiplayer beta snippets I have watched.  MoH’s multiplayer seems like an excellent blend between Battlefields objective based gameplay and mixing CoDs quicker, close quarters oriented, combat.  Electronic Arts hopes that combined they will create harmonized blend of both worlds, one that will appeal to both Battlefield and Call of Duty fans.  I also should note that VOIP is confirmed for PC players for IN GAME.  While DICE was responsible for the previous multiplayer experience, Danger Close has taken over and added several new options, including two-man fire teams.  Warfighter’s multiplayer also makes use of the same Battle Log system that has been implemented for Battlefield 3

Warfighter contains the following multiplayer modes:

Sector Control
Team Deathmatch
Real Ops
Combat Mission

Rather than go into and describe them all to you individually feel free to check the links out for a full description.   Along with these game modes there are extensive weapon modifications and adjustments that can be made.   From the barrel assembly, muzzle, stock type, magazine style, and much more Warfighter brings a new depth of adjustment not even found in Battlefield.  While I haven’t yet personally experienced the game hands on , on PC just yet, Im very excited to give this a try and let you all know my impressions on if it’s worth shelling out that hard earned money on Warfighter.  I do believe that while a lot of the FPS industry has shown that changes into the genre are few and far between, there is still hopes on the horizon that some game developers are listening to their fans and working to provide a fresh gameplay experience for the die-hard fans of the genre.  I have a very strong feeling that Warfighter will be a title that will deliver on most of the items that it fell short on in its previous release.  Feel free to leave your comments below and let me know what you think!


3 responses to “Medal of Honor: Warfighter…Dont Judge the Game Just Yet

  1. Haven’t played a MoH since one of the early PC versions. But this one has me curious for some reason. Fortunately, PS+ members get a 1-hr trial of the full game this week. I’ll be checking it out tonight. Thanks for the great article!

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