1.0.5: making Diablo 3 playable

Ok, so I was the sucker when D3 came out. Being an ‘early adopter’ had the downside of dealing with the shittiest part of the game release. And while I didn’t mind D3, it just wasn’t as tuned up as I wanted it to be, so I went off, and played Torchlight for a while.

1.0.5 is like a car mechanic check up for D3. It replaces the oil, changes some parts, improves the drive and makes it more fun. More importantly though, it has erased some of the key issues I had with D3 when I first played it through (apart from there being no assassin or necromancer).

One of the main issues I had was when a rare item was dropped, you didn’t really know. Jewelers and Blacksmith pages, along with legendary items were not highlighted. Now, we have this:

(Video from  www.d3rmt.com)

I’m actually quite impressed with this marking. It also appears on your mini map.

Now, I’m not going to go into the intricacies of each character. I find that it’s nicer to play through with the character to figure them out, as opposed to just laying it out. Playing through again with my Wizard is quite fun now.

So, I move onto this new idea of Infernal Machines. I do enjoy this concept, as it allows D3 to have continued play-ability once you have finished the main plot. Once you construct these Infernal Machines, they take you through portals to kill more boss characters, revamped. You can create many portals, and all this eventual milling leads to you obtaining the Hellfire ring.

While this is reminiscent of the Pandemonium event which occurred in D2, this one allows you to go through it yourself, and build your character even more, once you have reached level 60.

Apart from this new add on, giving D3 a longer life span, the bug fixes and play issues have mostly been cleared up. Your follower wont go and kill monsters you are not prepared to attack yet, and they will keep up with the modifications to character speeds most people have.

Also, improved loot from first kill bosses on each level of difficulty. Always a plus.

So, in summary:

Improved visibility for rarer items
Nicer loot
Better multiplier interface (although lack of “Appear offline” button)
Banner customization in town (I like banners)
Follower bug fixes
Doesn’t stop at level 60
Better loot drop when you first kill a boss (applies to older players as well)
Still not the large D2 world I was hoping for (Boohoo for me)
Having to be on the American server despite being across the pacific ocean
Still hard to skip repetitive dialogue
Lack of ‘big world’ play

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