Leetgion Hellion Mouse Review

When I first heard about the Leetgion Hellion I was surprised to see that it had a Cherry MX Blue switch, (A Cherry MX button is a button on a mechanical keyboard like the Corsair K60/Tt. eSports Meka) I had to see & feel it for myself.

The mouse came in an incredibly beautiful packaging.

There’s no configuration driver CD attached to the mouse, due to the small packaging. Most people download their drivers from the manufacturer’s website anyways.

The cord is of high-quality sleeving, with a gold-plated USB 2.0. It also comes with an attached velcro for cable management for when you’re packing your mouse.

I’ve been using a Logitech MX518 for about 7 years, and G400 for about 2 months. I can confirm that the buttons on the Hellion is lighter to press, especially the Cherry MX Blue button.

The big red sidebutton is the special mechanical switch with Cherry MX Blue, which is one of the most comfortable buttons I’ve ever pressed. The button is incredibly light and can be customized to a large amount of different keybindings.

The configuration tool

The configuration tool is downloaded from Leetgion’s website, every button on the mouse is highly customizeable

You can set 5 different profiles for the mouse, changing the button layout & LED lighting.

If you’d like more pictures of the configuration tool, then you can check out the gallery at the bottom of the page.

The feels of the mouse

Comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to gaming mice, there’s no use of a 17 button mouse when your hand is feeling discomfort when gaming. I’m not going to lie, the back of the mouse is a little big but it’s not a huge deal, since it feels very nice when both using the claw gripping & palm gripping method. The constuction of the mouse itself consists mostly of high quality plastic.

The 6th button could’ve been moved a little more towards the centre, since it’s a tad hard to reach it when gaming, the scrollwheel is made of solid rubber.


Solid, high quality comfortable mouse with lots of options, very little quirks about it.


  • Useable by both left & right handed
  • High comfort
  • Cherry MX Blue button
  • Light buttons
  • Customizeable LED’s
  • Highly customizeable buttons with the option to be used as macro buttons
  • High quality packaging


  • Bottom part of the mouse is a little too big
  • 6th button is too far away
  • Price is a little steep ($90, €70)

Links & high-resolution pictures

Amazon Link
Manufacturer website
All high resolution pictures (4912×3264 resolution)


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