Cooler Master Notepal U2 Review

If you’re the kind of guy who plays on a laptop, you might have some occasions where your laptop got extremely hot when playing games.

I recently bought a laptop cooler for the times where I’ll be at Dreamhack in Sweden/other conventions & on vacation in my homeland, I found the Cooler Master Notepal U2 to be appealing since it’s very cheap yet effective.

The cooler stand is made of high-quality brushed aluminium & rubber, while the fans underneath can be placed anywhere on the unit. You can move the fans by little button on the side and reattaching it by simply pushing it gently on the grills.

The fans themselves are 80mm in size with a fan speed of 1200 RPM, they’re not very noisy since most laptop fans produce more noise when gaming. According to Cooler Master’s website they’ve got a noise level of 18 dBa which is very quiet for a 80mm fan.

The two fans are powered by a single USB 2.0 device with the option to plug in ie. a mouse.

The cooler is tested on a Clevo P150-EM laptop, the laptop itself is cooled by a dual heatsink/fan setup packing an Intel i7-3610M with Nvidia 670M & 2x4GB of Kingston 1600hz RAM.

We tested the unit with Skyrim (~38 mods installed) at high settings (2x AA) & Starcraft 2 at ultra settings, the temperates are as follows:

Without cooler, on a flat table:
GPU: 71c
CPU: 66c
GPU: 64c
CPU: 75c
With Cooler Master Notepal U2 on a flat table:
GPU: 59c
CPU: 60c
GPU: 54c
CPU: 62c

With Cooler Master’s Notepal series, they’re pretty much dominating the laptop cooler market, at a $25 pricepoint with brushed aluminium & 2x 80mm fans, this is a steal.

There is some quirks however, it’s very uncomfortable having the cooler on your lap due to it’s design at the back, it’s very good when used on a table. I just wish they allowed you to adjust the stand height, but then again it only costs $25.

Should you get it? If you’re on a tight budget/a student then it’s almost unbeatable at the $25 pricepoint, however if you’re looking into something more high-end, you should take a look at CM’s $30-50 range.

Links & High-resolution pictures:



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