New Editor! | Wrath of the Dead Rabbit! | Nearing 4,000 Likes!

Hey everyone! Inux here, proud to say I’m officially part of I was an early follower of the website & have been talking a little back and forth between Nemesis the past few months.

I’ll probably mostly be doing monthly guides for gamers, discussions about gaming stuff or doing giveaways for games.
We’ll be giving away two, TWO! copies of Hell Yeah! Dead Rabbit on our facebook page. The game is set to be released on the 3rd of October!

Wrath of the Dead Rabbit? I’ve never heard of this game, what’s it about?

I asked the same question when I saw it on the upcoming games on Steam yesterday, the game got completely off my radar and I hadn’t heard of it anywhere. I delved deeper into it and read through serveral people saying it was a good PC port that was originally released on consoles this summer.

It’s about a rabbit prince in hell who got stalked by a paparazzi, unfortunately for the prince, he got caught taking a bath with a rubber duck. Truly a prince of hell wouldn’t take a bath with a cute little rubberduck.

The catastrophic article about the prince of hell bathing with a rubberduck got a hundred views before it got taken down, and now he’s off to kill the hundred people who managed to hear about it.

Lore aside, the game is a 2D platformer with a few interesting concepts (by a few, we mean a crapton) such as execute your enemy by squeezing them to death with your fingers, launch a barrage of missiles or completely obliterate them. The graphics got a very cartoony hand drawn style, making it very aesthetically pleasing with the fitting metal-ish soundtrack.


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