Hand held games; a promising future?

Phones are not gaming devices.

Yeah yeah. You can download some sweet apps onto your iPhone or Galaxy. You can even modify it, as i did on my Galaxy S3, and plug in your PS3 controller to play n64 roms. That doesn’t make it a gaming machine. However, that doesn’t stop you from having some fun with it.

My favorite hand held game

The problem I have with people trying to make high quality games for tablets and phones is that I don’t want to use those deceives FOR high quality games… specially not ones that take up to a gigabyte of space. Sure, there will always be a place for time wasters like angry birds or good old Snake, but that isn’t the reason you buy an iPhone.

“But Anne, what about the iTouch? What if I want to buy a tablet for gaming?” Then you’re wasting your money. I’m not quite sure as to the reason iTouch’s exist (except for children who are not old enough for an iPhone), but I know that tablets have their place utilised mainly as a reading contraption, for both online browsing and ebooks.

This is why I think hand held gaming will continue to exist (whether it does WELL is another matter). When you buy a DS or PS Vita, you buy it for the explicit purpose of playing games. Being able to browse the internet is just a nice side effect of the software installed. Just as you can play DVDs on a PS3, you’re not going to go and buy a whole gaming system just to watch your Thunderbirds collection.

I do worry about how hand held gaming will progress. While I’m glad the 3DS allows you to turn the 3D functionality off, it is quite a bit of a gimic. As for the Vita, it honestly doesn’t seem that… different from the PSP. It’s ether too gimmicky or not gimmicky enough (which is a sad line these companies have to tread).

Am I the only one who thinks these on-screen controls are a joke?

Also, the cost of the games is rather high. You feel like that because it’s smaller, it should be cheaper (when in actual fact, it’s probably harder for them to design these smaller games, batteries and devices than the consoles). It’s a turn off when you see the price, then all the add ons. As much as its justified, in the eyes of the average consumer, it doesn’t please.

I do not see hand held games dying out. Hopefully once the app bubble pops, their popularity will rise, allowing the games to be cheaper, and phones and tablets to move into more functional positions in our lives.

10 responses to “Hand held games; a promising future?

  1. The 3ds just seems to stimulate cataracts for me, forcing my retinas to simulate 3d graphics certainly isn’t the future. And although the Vita does appear very similar to the PSP, with the added stick, it opens up a whole new catalogue of games.

    • Well, I do like how the 3DS is re-releasing older games to play on it, so I don’t have to boot up my old n64 or computer when I want to play them.

      It’s good that they have a better game catalog, but like I said, it is all very expensive. I guess that’s what you buy into.

  2. As start we spend more time on public transportation, waiting lines or dentist’s waiting room, our need to play games on mobile devices grows stronger. Although I don’t play games on my phone (HTC Wildfire is shit when it comes to play games) sometimes I feel a lack of gaming device around me. I could use a Windows 8/Android dual boot handheld with gaming controllers in the times of boredom.

  3. The current handheld generation is a toss up really. While the 3DS is doing pretty well so far due to mario, kingdom hearts, star fox, and zelda; plus the backwards compatibility for EVERY game on the DS so far. The gimmick isn’t bad, and finding the right setting and distance to hold the system from my face, the 3D actually is pretty cool in certain instances though I’ve noticed a tiny bit of lag with it on in Kingdom Hearts 3D during certain spots. The addition of the virtual console for the handheld is nice, as there are definitely older games I’d love to play, but there is still a lack of content in that department unfortunately…
    The PS Vita on the other hand is pretty close to being a paper weight reminiscent of the PSP GO launch. There are very few games for it still, with the launch games having been an insanely small selection and the only one I’ve heard of that would seem worth it so far is Uncharted. Their gimmick of ‘play anywhere’ is going to be taken by the fans and used to slap them in the face pretty soon, as there’s only been a single game (that I know of) which has taken advantage of this feature, baseball. You could also count the ‘dual touch’ screen and back pad as a gimmick, but it feel more like they’re trying to 1up nintendo than anything. I could care less about either system’s gimmick really; the thing that really hits the PS user in the face is the lack of UMD to digital support. The asian market has a system which allows UMD owners to gain the digital copy for a small fee, we didn’t get it… Considering about 3/4 of my games are UMD, all I can say to sony about that one is a huge, double middle finger flip off.

    Not to be a nintendo fanboy or anything, but I see nothing good coming from the sony handheld market after they started treating their PSP users like crap for support. Continuing with the PSPGO and the infamous ‘digital download support’ lie, I don’t feel optimistic for the PS Vita as all.

    • Nintendo has seemed to do handheld devices quite well. Those old gameboys? Brilliant stuff! Although, it may be simply because of the games the offered, as opposed to the device. The only reason I bought a 3DS is because I wanted to play Legend of Zelda.

      The PS Vita seems to just be another thing that they’ve released in order to try and get some quick cash. If they had moved from the PSP to the PS Vita, I would be more impressed. There are just too many steps though. And why would I buy a game twice? One to play on my PS3 and one on the PS Vita.

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