Editor Battlestations Day 3- Nemesis

Quite possibly the most changed room in my house, my gaming room,  which houses all the things I need to escape from the outside world after work.  When it comes to games and hardware, you could probably consider me a borderline hoarder.  In my living room I have a older consoles I grew up playing.  They rarely get used since I have an emulator on my PC, call me crazy, but having them on the entertainment center just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I see them!  When I see my N64, I think of all those times I played Golden Eye with my friends, when I see my NES, I remember all the good times playing Zelda, and even my PS1, the first time I loaded up Colony Wars and being simply astonished by the amazing graphics for the time.  Ever since a young age, Ive always had a facination with technology.   From playing Commander Keen and other bootable 5 1/4 floppy disk games to the things I play today, it has been such an amazing road to see how much has evolved in the past 29 years of my living.  But I wont bore you with my chatting about the past.

My bread and butter is my PC and outlying equipment.  My PC build consists of the following:

AMD 1090T (6-core) Processor OC’ed to 4.1GHZ ,

16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram,

NVidia GTX68O GPU,

Fatal1ty Recon 3d Sound Card

Corsair 750W PSU

NZXT Sentry FX Fan Controller

 NZXT Switch 810 case.

Monitor is a 46″ Sony Bravia LED and the Audio is Processed through a Pioneer THX Reciever via TOSLINK connection to the soundcard.

As a kid I grew up on base 286 Tandy machines, was astonished when first generation Pentium processors touting 90Mhz, and a couple years ago my rig housed two GTX260s, then eventually dual 560TIs, and a quad-core.     Well that brings me to the next part of my Battlestation, the peripherals that I use.  Before I used a Blackwidow keyboard, but I had a bad time with the space bar and it eventually broke and ended up being the keyboard I use at work.  Now I use a CM Storm Quickfire board with CherryMX Blue Switches.   The mouse is an old Logitech G5 Ive had since college.  Ive tried a lot of mice, but usually still end up going back to this one.  I just honestly wish it had more buttons on top.   I am considering a Naga Hex though in the future, but no matter what I will never sell my trusty G5.  Throughout the years, Ive accumulated some goodies that I’ve kept around for memories, but for the most part most of my old stuff I end up giving away or donating to charity since it takes up a lot of room.  During the day I’m a software engineer and usually after work I’m ready to kick back, listen to some music, or play some Battlefield.  Despite what some may think, I enjoy most all types of games out there and dont have any particular preference, although I am partial to FPS titles right now.  Being a 4 year WoW player I fell in love with MMOs back during Burning Crusade, but gave up on it after Cataclysm.  Recently this year, I decided to jump on the Guild Wars 2 wagon and prepurchase it months ago.  For the few beta/stress test sessions they have held, I really welcome the change in gameplay and the way it has been developed.

If you’re wondering what those three figures are on my desk.  From left to right, Snow Troll Figure from European LOTR: War in the North CE, Crysis figure, Tyrael figurine.

Thanks for checking out my Battlestation, instead of posting a ton of photos I created this short video touring the entire room!  Feel free to ask any questions you might have.


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