Editor Battlestations Day 2- Anne


For anyone with experience of going to school and/or being unemployed, you will know that sometimes, having an expensive set up can be hard to achieve. So I have managed to come to a compromise; portability with functionality.

My main set up at my desk contains my laptop (also known as my life partner), a spare monitor donated to me by my housemate, a Logitech surround sound system (while a few years old now, has not let me down), and a large pile of textbooks I use as a footrest. Various pieces of hardware I use are my Bamboo Tablet, my Acer Iconia Tab (mainly for reading comics and poison regulations), and several sets of headphones (depending on what type I need… larger base ones, noise cancelling, microphone attachments).

Now while this doesn’t look like much, it makes for a powerful and very useful computer set up. I spent quite a while researching what kind of laptop I wanted, and landed right on the Asus K53S. While most people don’t like the way it looks, even calling it “uninspiring” (http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/laptops-portable-pcs/laptops-and-netbooks/asus-k53s-1086926/review), I looked at it from a functionality point of view. With this rather affordable laptop, I ended up with an i7 processor, a 2gig Nvidia graphics card, enough HD space to fit all my games, and it doesn’t over heat (which is a big issue for me… my past two laptops were so badly designed that their power cords ended up melting and coming apart, causing me to have to solder them back together). I also enjoy not having to ever worry about dead pixels due to the LCD screen (although, if I ever do become so angry that I do break it, it will cost me an arm and a leg to replace).

Where I spend most of my time sleeping

The battery life on this thing means that I can enjoy gaming where ever I go. In the park? Sure thing. During a lecture? You bettcha. It runs so smoothly that I can jump from the game to note taking, or to an important document. It is a sturdy little thing that has taken more abuse than it deserves.

Being so powerful means that I can smoothly run the spare monitor on it, allowing me to play 10 hours of Peggle while ignoring my assignments. And along with my speakers (which really do pack a punch), it gives me beautiful playing experience without the hassle of having a huge set up to lug around whenever I want to play a game.

Also, there are a few personal items on my desk. My Deadpool figurine, my 3DS, my phone, a Sudoku book… then there is my draw full of candy… but that’s my secret.

So yes, this is my pitiful state of a ‘battlestation’, but it gets the job done on a budget. A perfect mix of the poor uni student needing to study her ass off, and the gamer who just wants to sit down and enjoy killing multiple demons/zombies/spies/F*CKING CREEPERS.

Cable management isn’t my strong point


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