Editor Battlestations Day 1 – Blade

“Why is his axe blue?” I only assumed my roommate was speaking of the poster of my warrior wielding his legendary axe Shadowmourne.  My new roommates don’t play many games, and the World of Warcraft is almost completely foreign to them.

“It’s filled with the souls of the damned.” I didn’t turn away from my game, I assumed his expression was comical.

Hello and welcome to Battlestation Week here at Dontcritme.com. My name’s Blade and I’ll be taking you through my Battlestation for today. Ignore the horrible wallpaper, I’ve just moved.

In plain sight we have two computer monitors one is an LG 19’’, while the other is an AOC at 17’’. They’re rather small due to the fact I used use them college and my desk was much smaller than it was. Regardless of their size they both work wonderfully together, in bringing me all sorts of entertainment. As for the keyboard, headest, and mouse, I must confess to being a Razer fan.

The Razer Lycosa is my keyboard that has been by me for several years and has endured some tragic moments including the spilling of a Mike’s Hard Lemonade on the left hand side of the keyboard. The keys are light enough that they’re not heavy to hit, but have enough stiffness behind them to know that they’re being hit. It’s one of the three Razer devices that help illuminate my station’s blue glow.

The Razer Death Adder is a mouse I’ve been fond of ever since high school. The simplicity of the mouse is what probably catches me the most. With only five mouse buttons (left, right, mouse wheel, and two on the side) it’s simplistic yet complex enough for anyone to use.The only downside is that it doesn’t fair in travel too well, unless packed in its original casing. I’ve made the mistake of allowing the mouse button to be crushed on a plane ride only to have it become non-responsive after some time. Regardless this brand of mouse has faired me well over the years.

Finally in plain sight we have the Razer Banshee, made specifically for Starcraft II. Now normally I’m against USB headsets, yet the Razer Banshee has made it’s way on to my station. The headset is quite comfy and sound quality is great. I’m still adjusting to the fact that the volume buttons are on the ears of the device as opposed to on the cable itself. Still, being able to change the colors, as well as the great quality of sound makes up for the fact that it’s not analog.

To the side we have my assortment of consoles as well as my RPG books, and plushies given to me by friends and family. Yoshi, Pichu, Kirby and Pandamonium (A character from S2’s game Heroes of Newerth) stand vigilant upon the shelf watching over the rest of the station. I like to think of them as my crewmates, with Kirby being the first mate. There’s even a foil for him to grab if someone approaches the station uninvited.

You’ll find an assortment of Wii, Gamecube, PS3, and Xbox 360 titles. The titles that seem to get the most mileage tend to be Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), Rock Band 3 (Xbox 360), and Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (Playstation 3). There also some handheld titles for my Nintendo DS and PSP.

Under the hood contains the engine to my helm, my personal PC. While not the strongest of machines, it gets the job done. Running with a Intel Core i7 (bought of necessity), 8 Gigs of RAM, as well as the GeForce 560GTX my computer manages to push out anything that I’ve attempted so far. The side of the case is decorated with various stickers depicting my love of various things.

While I lack a rube goldberg machine to fetch me drinks from the kitchen, I do quite enjoy my battlestation and everything it has to offer. Make sure to tune in all week for more battlestations as well as the chance to win a copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R!


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