Battlestation Week at! ALSO PRIZES!

What is going on guys and girls!?  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying our articles.  So starting Monday August 20th we kick off our Battlestation Week where our columnists feature where we play games, work , or get stuff done!

But we want you guys involved too!  So starting THIS WEEKEND take photos of your Battlestations and send them to our email!  We’ll feature them each day next week, or if we have a lot of submissions we’ll toss up galleries.  At the end of the week we’ll go through and pick the most unique or interesting way you guys show your love for our blog in the photo (and we’ll do an entire feature of your setup)!  


In fact…. I have got this many copies

If you want to win one of the other two copies!  We are RANDOMLY picking a commenter on ANY of our postings during the month of August and September.  That means, giving us feedback on something on our page or commenting on our articles we post could get you chosen.  SO WHEN YOU SEE THIS…

YOU WON!   That’s it, no hoops to jump or hurdles to cross, just carry on and comment like you all normally would!  Feel free to help us out and tweet/share this contest with buddies!

Good Luck Everyone and Thanks for being a fan!

-Nemesis and the entire team at DCM


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