The NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming mice, choosing one that best fits you is like going out and finding a great pair of sneakers.  People may rant and rave about a certain particular brand that touts a crazy design,  have professional athletes endorse them, but when you go out and try them on, they feel like crap and are the most uncomfortable shoes you’ve ever put on.  Gaming mice are the same way.  Everyone holds a mouse differently, from claw gripping, finger-tip, and palm gripping.  When looking at purchasing a new piece of hardware most people start at price.  Gaming mice can range anywhere from about $29.99-79.99 (depending on your location).  After narrowing down your budget, you’ll start to look at features and compatibility with the types of games you play.  Naturally, I am a palm gripper.  I have a fairly large hand and tend to use my wrist and forearm a lot to manipulate mouse movements.  I am going to be taking a look at the NZXT Avatar S gaming mouse, a fantastic alternative to conventional branded gaming mice out there, all for the price $29.99 currently on Amazon!!! (link at the bottom of the article)

  Let’s take a look at the spec sheet of the mouse itself

  1. 1600 DPI Laser sensor with 1600/800/400dpi settings out of the box
  2. Tracking Speed of 30in/second and 20G of Acceleration
  3. Hardware DPI switching (no driver required)
  4. Onboard memory to store profile macros/dpi settings/and lighting settings
  5. Ambidextrous Design
  6. 5 programmable keys

So who would this mouse best fit?  Claw grippers and finger tip grips will benefit most from the design from the NZXT Avatar S.  It’s light weight and narrow design prevents an awkward feel that claw/finger tip grip users most often encounter on wider/fatter mice. The sensor on the mouse picks up on pretty much any surface I was able to throw at it; standard mouse pads, slick mouse pads, course pads, and shiny wood desktop, and even my own bed.  While most reviews will go into pros and cons of a particular device , when it comes to mice, my pro’s may be your con, and vice-versa so I will save you that.  When comparing the use of this mouse on a shiny surface alongside a DeathAdder I found the Avatar S to be usable even on a slick shiny surface, while tracking was lost on the DeathAdder.  The Avatar S has downloadable software available on that installs quick and effortlessly to get you started with optimizing the mouse to fit your need and play style.  In the price range that Avatar S is competing with, I would definitely rank it in my top choices due to its price, feel, versatility and overall aesthetics.  While the Avatar S may not be for everyone, it’s obvious contender meant to be taken seriously for anyone shopping around for a new mouse.

NZXT Avatar S ($29.99 on sale)


4 responses to “The NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse

  1. Looks like a good mouse. Personally i’ve been eyeing the Cybort R.A.T 7 but it’s too expensive so i’ll proabably have to wait a few years. right now i use a logitech mouse with no side buttons for gaming, but i think that the AA battery has lasted around a year or something because it has never run out for a weird reason.

    I only want the RAT 7 because of that handy looking slow down aim button on the side for your thumbs, if anyone knows any mice similar please tell me.

  2. Great mouse. I have 2 from winning an nzxt facebook competition 2 years ago, and it still works like a charm. The ability to change the sensitivity real-time on the mouse is incredibly helpful. Even though I got it for free, I would’ve totally bought it for $30.

  3. 1600DPI is not enough for gaming. That’s not even a gaming mouse we are talking about if it has 1600DPI max… Improve the hardware, maybe then this’ll be worthwhile.

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