Brandon and Nemesis: Steam Sale Top Choices!

This little gem was part of the Amanita Design bundle, which included Samorost 2 and Botanicula as well… all at the modest price of $6.24. Machinarium is a great little point & click adventure game that tells a captivating story (albeit with zero dialogue) and features lots of challenging puzzles. These elements, coupled with an awesome looking hand-drawn world and a great soundtrack make for a very memorable experience. If you loved playing point & click adventures as a kid like I did, Machinarium is a must-buy.
Sonic Generations
I have to admit, my main motivation for picking Sonic Generations up was nostalgia. Generations features the classic platforming blue hedgehog that we all know and love from two decades ago as well as the newer “Sonic Adventure” style 3D Sonic, and I was surprised at how well the two mesh together during the story. Sega really did a great job with this title. The stage designs are great, reminiscent of classic Sonic stages, and peppered with fast-paced action and good music, old and new. I absolutely recommend this game, whether you’re a fan of classic Sonic, new Sonic, or not a fan of Sonic at all. It’s just plain fun.
This game is everything that I wanted from Diablo 3. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not jumping on the Diablo hate bandwagon. I still like Diablo despite all its flaws, but Torchlight is a shining example of what D3 could’ve been. Granted, it does bear a resemblance to the classic Diablo play style, but I sort of expected that — If you’re gonna make a great top-down dungeon crawler, why not cast it from one of the best moulds there is? Aside from the light hearted, cartoony art style, Torchlight’s main appeal to me is offline playability. I understand the need for D3’s online DRM, but it would’ve been awfully nice to come home on the morning of May 15th with my shiny new Collector’s Edition box, unwrap it, and begin playing immediately. [insert error 37 joke]
Honorable Mentions: Dear Esther, Borderlands, Just Cause 2, Mirror’s Edge

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light 
What can I say?  It has been a very long time since I picked up and played a Tomb Raider game, but I decided to pick this up on the off chance it turned out to be a good game.  Wow, did it ever surprise me.   Lara Croft : GoL is a fixed-camera 3D platform viewpoint action video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix.  The game plays extremely well with a keyboard and mouse, but its really much simpler with a 360 controller or equivalent.  A lot of the jumping and actions require a specific analog stick type movement to hit the mark you want.  I have quite a lot of hours into the game already and got my moneys worth, definitley not regretting this purchase at all.
Grand Theft Auto Series Bundle 
Growing up I played a lot of these titles on the older generation consoles and had many hours of fun along with friends.  The bundle included the first GTA all the way through San Andreas and Vice City.  With the mods that are available for these games, Im going to have countless hours of fun with this.  The one downside is there are no gamepad controls by default.  I have been experimenting with a few options but havent found one I exactly like to replicate what I am looking for.  If you all have any ideas please toss a comment below!
Penumbra: Overture
Damnit, why do I buy these types of games?  From Amnesia, to Slender, to the Penumbra games, the only time I actually do enjoy playing these titles are during a bright sunny days with stuffed animals laid out all around me.  Some people aren’t affected by them and consider many “jump-scare”, creepy ambiance games to be really cheesy, but I have always had a habit of getting immersed into anything I play.  Penumbra has a feel to it very reminiscent of an X-Files episode.  Yes, that will be my reason for liking the game so much.   Lucky for me, I picked up the pack with Overture, Requiem, and Black Plague. (/sarcasm)
Honorable Mentions: Nation Red , Train Simulator 2012, Braid

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