Steam Sale – Day 3 Picks

Here we are at Day 3 of the sale. Let’s see what’s on offer…

Orcs Must Die

Orcs Must Die - 75% off ($3.74)

Orcs Must Die – 75% off ($3.74)

A first person tower defense game. Orcs Must Die is enjoyable for a few hours, and at this price I can easily recommend it. Unfortunately it has no multiplayer elements, and after a while you may get discouraged by the repetitive nature of the game (although that’s part and parcel of the whole genre, really). Still, killing orcs in amusing and fun ways is a good way to spend an idle afternoon or two.

Tropico 4

Tropico 4 - 75% off ($7.49)

Tropico 4 – 75% off ($7.49)

A SimCity-like resource management game. Tropico 4 is a very well-executed example of this game type. As a dictator of a socialist island, your job is to try and improve the quality of life for your citizens while funnelling cash to your personal offshore accounts. There is a reasonably well developed campaign mode, and there are multiple, interrelated game systems that affect the positioning and choice of buildings. This might help for a while if you’re waiting for SimCity 5.


Borderlands - 75% off ($7.49)

Borderlands – 75% off ($7.49)

A futuristic 1st person role playing game set on a desert planet. I have the Xbox 360 version, but I assume the PC one is just as good. I have no hesitation in recommending this game at this price. The storyline is fairly interesting and compelling, and some of the NPC dialogue is genuinely amusing, but the art style is what makes this game really stand out!

One of the main selling points at launch was the billions of possible guns… however, as in most things, it turns out that lots of these are virtually indistinguishable from each other. However, every now and then you will find a unique and interesting weapon. If you haven’t played it, and you enjoy either RPG or FPS games, this is an easy pickup.


Skyrim - 505 off ($44.69)

Skyrim – 50% off ($44.69)

I’m going to stir up some controversy, and say that I can’t recommend Skyrim at this price. If you were an Elder Scrolls fan, you probably already own the game. If you weren’t… well, $44.69 is still a lot of money.

While the game is technically brilliant, and offers some fantastic art and a huge world, personally I’ve always felt it was let down by the combat mechanics, and by a lack of depth to the game once you have gotten past the exploration. To steal a TotalBiscuit quote: “Skyrim looks like a great ocean of gameplay… then you discover the whole thing is only 2 feet deep”. Also, there are still a very very large number of bugs, which may or may not be a big factor for you.

Given the quality and quantity of other discounts during the sale, I have to say: save your money for a better game deal.

UPDATE: Apparently if you are in the US, the price is currently $30USD.  In New Zealand, even though we pay for games in USD and almost all Steam games are the same price, Bethesda has decided to buck the trend and charge 50% more because they can. Remind me never to buy anything by them again.

2 responses to “Steam Sale – Day 3 Picks

  1. What area are you in? I am in the United States, and Skyrim is $60 here, making it only $30 with the 50% off applied.

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