NZXT Cryo E40 Notebook Cooler

Being a laptop user at work, and a gamer that has used laptops in the past when traveling, the one thing I have always found very difficult is finding a well priced and great performing laptop cooler.  A lot of coolers will attract you with fancy LED lighting, gimmicks, and other forms of grabbing your attention.  When I owned a gaming laptop I went to my local computer store and picked up a standard laptop cooler.  Much like the one pictured to the right.  Around
$35 later, I got home and quickly realized the cooler did a whole lot of nothing at all.  After quickly returning it I gave up on the idea of purchasing another one again.  However,  recently I was given the opportunity to try a cooler by NZXT, called the Cryo E40.  Quite a fancy name, but can it live up to any expectations of functionality?

As I unbox the Cryo E40, I quickly notice a clean smooth metal design.  No cheap plastic, no flimsy wires, no bulky AC Adapters to carry around.  The Cryo E40 is designed for both lap usage and desktop use as well.  The one striking difference from this cooler than all of the other coolers I have seen on the market, are moveable fans.  It is pretty obvious that not all laptops are the same.  CPU fan intakes, and GPU intake ports for cool air are different for each and every manufacturer.  This unit is designed with no breakable tabs, mechanisms, etc that can quickly bend and break over time.  The inside of the cooler houses two 80mm fans that can easily be placed all throughout the cooler with the aide low strength magnets that attach themselves to the top of the cooler.  What this means is, complete customization to cater to your laptop in particular.  Both of these fans are powered by a single thick coiled insulated USB cable.  The USB cable is routable to either the left or right side of the cooler to ensure easy access.

Below I take some time to run a quick benchmark on a test ASUS laptop to show some real-time data as it is recorded.

The cooler itself is designed for almost any size laptop.  The tested laptop, is a larger 15.4in and was able to fit nicely on top of the cooler.   Two thick anti slip rubber pads prevent your laptop from sliding off easily from the cooler.   Now, your next question is how much does something like this cost?  Currently listed on Amazon for a nice price of 27.99 this is much cheaper than most generic coolers out there yet without sacrificing quality and functionality.   So now you may be asking me, what did I not like about the actual cooler?  A few things I didn’t like about the cooler were very miniscule.  If you are careless with routing the cable on the fans inside of the cooler, the intake fan can rub on the wiring causing a rubbing noise.  You instantly know of this and can quickly adjust the wiring inside.  It would have been nice to see some sort of guide for the cabling to prevent it, but like I mentioned, its a very small complaint and an issue you won’t run into if you dont rush placing the fans.  For either the office, home office, or your lap/couch at home, the Cryo E40 is an excellent solution to cooling your mobile laptop or desktop replacement laptop.


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