Road to 100 Update (Colonel 10 Video)

We’re gonna need a montage! 


Hey everyone! Just dropping a video upload of my current progress on my way to Colonel 100 in
Battlefield 3. If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, swing on by the Road to 100 tab on our
website. Definetly enjoy my time doing this and playing this much defenilty helps hone my skills. If you are a Battlefield player I thought Id mention a few tips you might or might not already know about. But within specific close quarters maps Ive noticed the IRNV 1X scope is extremely powerful inside and outside of Ziba Tower and Operation 925. The range is able to see all the way across these maps. Not sure if DICE plans on nerfing the scope at all, but for right now this in combination with my favorite Assault Weapon, the M16A3, makes for a lethal combination. A few of my most recent matches getting as many as 75-115 kills. Of course, you can equip the IRNV on any of your weapons you enjoy using. I put together this little high light reel of me getting Colonel 10, only 90 more to go, so enjoy and always thanks for subscribing to your blog!

Current Stats at Colonel 10

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