Hardware Review- Playstation 3: Battlefield 3 Vault Case

So, as I’m walking around one of my favorite electronics stores I decided to go peruse the gaming section.  To my pleasant surprise I see something I have been eying for a while, but at a drastically low price.  The Battlefield 3 officially licensed PS3 case armor for only 24.99!  This sudden impulse buy was a no brainer, and at worst I would just return it if it was just a big pile of junk, which it is most certainly not.  The normal price I have seen this for is around $70.00+, and personally never thought of originally buying something aesthetic like this just for its looks.  The Vault is very well constructed and easy to put together.  Very thick plastic will ensure nothing accidentally breaks, all hardware is provided in a nicely sealed bag, along with the instruction manual for setup.  I tried to find an ad online for this item at the price I bought it for and I couldn’t so there are no guarantees this might have been a local deal, however at the price point of $70, I still would have picked it up if I played BF3 on mainly on PS3 (and getting to see one in person before hand).  It’s simply that bad ass.  I included a photo of the item and the price below it so maybe your store will match its price if you ask nicely and show them.

Quick video showing off the new case and going over a few awesome features.


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