Microsoft E3 Press Conference – What You Missed

While Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference had its fair share of Kinect hyping and XBOX360 “voice control tablet multi glass functionality hypity swipe this-swipe that”, we were treated with a few upcoming titles that will probably be major hits this year and into next.  I have included a screen snapshot of each portion of the conference I found of interest, and included links to uploaded videos cut down to show exactly what you want to see that was shown in the live stream.  Hate me for leaving out the Kinect Dance 3, FIFA and Madden talks, but I can tell you not much has changed in those departments honestly and a lot of what was talked about was purely for the shareholders and the future direction of its outdated console hardware with it’s gearing more around media at home and the inclusion of Sports channels and other forms of media..  While it’s very upsetting to hear the last thing out of the presentation of Tomb Raider is talks of DLC, I still am very excited for the game.   At the very bottom you can check out the entire Press Conference if you wish!  Later this evening we will be updating an article for the Sony Conference.


Splinter Cell – Blacklist

Forza Horizon

Black Ops II

Tomb Raider

Resident Evil 6

Gears of War: Judgement

South Park



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