Battlefield 3 Premium – Full Details

Recently announced full details of Battlefield 3 Premium clear up a lot of confusion on what it is and what exactly is included.   Let’s go over a few things you should know.  The cost is a one-time fee of $49.99.  Before you rage quit and flip a table keep reading!  Just a few things that you get that make this worth while, at least to me is,  full content access to all 5 expansions (if you already have Karkand , then it is 4), 2 week early access to ALL expansions,  and exclusive DoubleXP weekends.  Here is also an interesting thought.  PS3 players get the Close Quarters Expansion 1 week early from all other platforms.  There was a leaked release date by Sony that puts the expansion out on June 11th.  If you sign up for BF3 Premium that means we can possibly be playing Close Quarters on June 4th.  Below is the full press release on what Battlefield 3 Premium will include.


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