Battlefield 3 Close Quarters: What You Need to Know


While I am spending a lot of time in Diablo 3, I’m eagerly awaiting the second installment of DLC slated for Battlefield 3.    Close Quarters is due to arrive sometime in June, hopefully earlier, rather than late.  I have compiled a list of facts that you may be interested to know regarding this expansion.  Referenced articles are linked below at the end, however I know the TOO LONG:DIDNT READ kicks in for a lot of us, I took out all the filler and left the good stuff.  Although there is a lot of speculation that this expansion will bring forth nothing but absolute chaos and COD’ish style gameplay, I’m fairly optimistic that DICE knows what they are doing in regards to how the game feels and plays.  Even if you’re anti-“Close Quarters” as some have said it goes against the true Battlefield feeling, don’t forget later expansions due out this year including Armored Kill have promised larger maps and even “the biggest Battlefield” map of all.

Key Points from DICE DEV Interview Regarding the Expansion

  • “Close Quarters I approached the visual effects with two things in mind. Firstly, that particle effects should not block a player’s view.”
  • “the whole art direction for this expansion pack centers around destruction. I wanted to emphasize this by having a lot of debris and very violent dust explosions that burst and dissipate quickly so that they don’t take over the scene. The focus here should be on debris rather than smoke. Combined, these two tenets governed a lot of the FX work for Close Quarters.”
  • “We also have gas stoves that burst into flames during the entire round. Showers start to leak water and steam, TV’s are buzzing with static, lights are flashing, and so on. The experience I want to convey is that you generate the chaos, and you can track were the action is by following the signs of destruction. Put simply, at the end of a round, a Close Quarters map should look and feel completely different from when the round started.”
  • “Basically, all impact effects from bullets in Close Quarters are new. They are also rapid, more violent and contain a lot more debris than earlier. Every bullet fired will now spawn ~50 particles upon impact, from the previous ~10.”
  • “I also created new destruction effects in various sizes for different materials to fit all of the objects we have, such as wood, furniture, concrete, marble, and so on. For each part that can be chipped away from an object, we spawn ~6 small cluster objects that the prop artists include when they’re building their props (such as chairs, lamps, and walls). Normal clusters can collide and have proper physics, while the small clusters are not networked and are relatively cheap from a performance standpoint.”

So what else is included in this DLC?  Not just new maps but all of the following.

In case you have missed any of the trailers for this new expansion, I have put them all here below so you don’t have run around YouTube or search.



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