Epic Diablo 3 Launch Night Experience!

It’s 5:30pm and only mere hours away from a game that a lot of people have been waiting over 10 years for!  As I get ready for the evening to head into town, I grow even more excited at the prospect of unboxing my Collectors Edition of Diablo 3.  Although quite excited,  I’m also very nervous that something might go wrong and Im left with not picking up what I had pre-ordered.  In hindsight and reading numerous stories of retailers shafting their customers pre-orders, my worry was quite justified.  Once I put on my Tyrael shirt from JINX and a pair of jeans, I head to the Microsoft Store for the scheduled midnight launch.
Now, many readers might say, why go to a midnight launch when you can purchase a digital download?  Although I did go because I had a Collectors Edition reserved, even if I did not have one I still would go to pick up a hard copy of the game.  After all, there is just something satisfying breaking the seal on a fresh game and seeing something actually in your hands.  Not only this, but going to a midnight launch helps you bond with your fellow gamer bros and broettes!  We already spend way too many hours behind a computer screen playing these games we love, it doesn’t hurt to go out and experience something in real life.
This was my second experience at a midnight launch at Microsoft and I must say I am very satisfied– my last was a Battlefield 3 midnight release.  On top of being a midnight release for Diablo 3 , there was a concurrent release for Max Payne 3 as well!  One of the great things about the Microsoft Store releases are the great giveaways and raffles they hold.  Typically Ive seen between 15-30 people attend one of these releases, and each person that comes in gets a raffle ticket for free just for being there you dont even have to have a reserved copy.   Well, that night was my lucky night.  First raffle drawing, my number get’s pulled and I won a free copy of Max Payne 3.  Only problem,  I don’t own an XBox360 and obviously the Microsoft Store doesn’t distrubute PS3 games.  At first, I wasn’t going to ask anything.  But I decided to ask a manager running the event if I can exchange my store credit for an alternative and they gladly gave me a store credit to put towards my copy of Diablo 3 I reserved!  FANTASTIC!   My midnight release just got that much more amazing!  On top of that, they had a promotion where people could compare their phones to the stores Windows Phones.

By participating in the no obligation promotion you walk away with a $25 dollar giftcard!  I ended up participating and getting another $25 to put towards my CE.  By the end of the night I ended up only paying $10.50 for my collectors edition of Diablo 3.  My hats off and a big thanks to the Microsoft Store for another great midnight launch experience.  A true telling sign of possible things to come, as Im leaving the mall, I notice the GameStop location in this fairly populated area, not even holding a midnight release at all.

Truth be told, I wrote this up last week but being so involved in the game itself, I wanted to wait and come back and give my overall first impressions.  In the first 72 hours,   I breezed through normal mode, and made it all the way halfway through Nightmare mode on a Level 45 Wizard.  Just recently,  I have decided to re-roll my class and do something different.   Other than the first few days after launch and experiencing difficulties logging in like the rest of the world, I am very satisfied so far with how the game plays.  The initial play-through seems extremely short and easy, almost too short for my tastes, but the later difficulties will be keep me coming back for more epic loot.

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