My Guild Wars 2 …Moment


It’s Sunday evening, quite an eventful weekend in gaming, and so much on my mind.  I’m not going to spout off stats, patch notes, or go into huge detail about my entire experience with Guild Wars 2.  Instead, going a different route, share with you a particular moment that clicked in my mind and convinced me that, yes, I am going to be playing this game on launch, and playing for a very long time.  During my time I played another MMO, I was in many guilds, some great, some not so great, some hardcore, and some casual .  The times that weren’t so great involved me sitting around, looking for things to do if I had completed my dailies, or attempting to find groups and later in the game waiting around for the random dungeon finder to queue.  Questing in itself, was no doubt the most mind numbing, excruciating, thing to ever experience (and I am a huge lore buff that enjoys reading text).  My experience in Guild Wars 2 presented a new renewed feeling of falling in love with an MMO all over again.  Although the breathtaking visuals, sound, and fluidity of controls and combat system were enough to have me sit back and say this is a fantastic game, nothing really had me “hooked”.  After all, my first hour experiencing the game wasnt a great one due to many beta related issues, but I am very glad I overlooked them, because what waited for me was something truly fantastic.

The one thing missing from a lot of online MMO game-play is actually considering your fellow players experience.  Imagine this, you’re in the middle of an “everyone for themselves” fight, the guy/girl next to you falls in the heat of battle.  What are the odds that a player around you will “STOP DPS” and actually use their ability to bring you back into the fight.  The concept of assisting others that will not benefit you at all in the end, is something lacking in a lot current gaming communities.  As you’ll see below, I got involved in an event during a quest and decided to join ranks and assist in the fight.  What you see may come as a shock to most players…

Wow, did I really just see that happen?  I had to go back and look at my recording.  Two players, different roles, both attempting to bring down an event boss, stop doing what they’re doing to bring me back into the fight.  That was really the moment that DPS didn’t matter, gear score didn’t matter, a fancy title, and who was leading didn’t matter. It showed what the Guild Wars 2 community is and the experience that I have to look forward to on full release.

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