Soul Calibur V Balance Patch & New Content

by The Ran Man

Capcom, I hope you’re taking notes because this is how you manage a fighting game. Namco-Bandai is listening to the fanbase and cranking out even more updated content for the latest entry in the Soul Calibur franchise. Instead of re-balancing a game and adding a few quirks then making fans shell out another fifty dollars (like a certain Street Fighter publisher) Namco-Bandai is simply patching their existing game and allowing players to download additional content if they so choose. Let’s over some of the details here.

Yeah, just a little.

First, the balance patch. Ever since Soul Calibur V was released, veteran players have taken notes on the changes to the fighting system and made compliments, comments, and complaints on how things were unbalanced and not as they used to be. As every gamer knows, fighting games evolve with every release and sometimes things change for the better or worse. Namco-Bandai actually listened to their fans and decided to bring about a rather large update to the game’s balance. These changes involved correcting a few bugs that were glitching the game, but mainly focused on balancing the fighters themselves to provide a better experience. Let’s take an example, shall we? I am a Tira player. I love her fighting style and balancing out her jolly and gloomy personalities. In Soul Calibur V, she was broken as hell and by broken I mean I would DESTROY the game with her. In this patch update, they’ve pretty much nerfed her down to a more sensible level. Think Mages from World of Warcraft. While I’m not happy about this, I do know why they did it and still give a frowning nod of approval. Other changes involve damage management for various characters as well as working with Guard Impact delays, attack range, and other mechanics involved in the process of beating your friend’s faces in. Another interesting thing to note is that Namco-Bandai actually posted patch-notes up online to let players know just what was happening. You can get a full list of the in-game changes >>HERE<<.
Now let’s go over the second part of the SCV releases. MORE CHARACTER CREATOR GEAR. Like many other fans of the recent Soul Calibur releases, I’ve spent just as much time if not more in the character creator part of the game. I’ve seen people create everything from angels and pirates to Skeletor and Fox McCloud. If you don’t know those last two names, you should probably just stop reading and go away. Anyway, Namco-Bandai originally announced three character creator content packs to be released before Dampierre came out. We thought this was all we were going to get. Thankfully we were wrong. SCV is getting a few bundles of new gear that include “Classic Headgear”, “Maid Costumes”, “Active Wear” (Japaneses schoolgirl gym uniforms), “Ancient Armor”, “Modern Costumes”, and “SCV Character Equipment” (gear from Cervantes, Viola, Elysium, ect.).  This rush of new content will undoubtedly lead to many more hours spent creating original and redesigned characters throughout the online game.
With so-much new content coming out for SCV, it leaves one to wonder if Namco-Bandai will continue to follow up with more content. So far the future looks promising and it seems that fans will gladly shell out the extra few bucks to make the finishing touches on their custom characters. At the very least, we won’t have to wait and shell out an additional fifty bucks for Soul Calibur V Arcade Tournament Online Extra additional like a Capcom release. By the time of this writing, the balance patch has already been released and should be installed on your game. Expect the first batch of additional character content to be released the first week of April. See you on the battlefield!

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